Honkai Star Rail: How to Level Up Characters Fast

I’m wondering how to level up characters quickly Honkai StarRail? HSR has a set difficulty loop that requires you to level up your characters if you want to keep winning battles. While the process can be a little tedious, there are easy ways to manage your time so it doesn’t take too long. Our guide tells you how to do this quickly.

Character EXP: How leveling up works in Honkai Star Rail

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It helps first to understand the mechanics behind the leveling system. Separate from yours Breakthrough level, each character has an individual level that can be increased through character EXP. A character’s HP, ATK, and DEF values ​​increase with each level up.

HSR character advancement explained

You will reach a maximum level in no time, starting at level 20 for everyone. Reaching the end activates the Ascend option, increasing the max level by 10.

Character Ascension Materials are required for ascension, which can be ascended a total of 6 times. The ones who played Genshin Impact will recognize this system.

How to level up characters fast in Honkai Star Rail

To level up characters quickly, two methods can be used:

  • defeat enemies.
  • Use Character EXP Materials.

Defeating enemies grants little experience and will hardly be felt beyond the first few levels. Your main focus will be on cultivating the following character XP materials, such as:

  • travel encounters
  • adventure log
  • travel Guide

Your other focus will be on cultivating the many different character leveling materials. Overall the best farming methods to level up characters fast Honkai StarRail will challenge a specific Golden Chalice, the simulated universe and the various stagnant shadows.

How to Farm Character EXP Materials to Level Up Fast in HSR

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There are several ways to earn these character materials:

  • Opening chests and completing missions are among the natural methods.
  • The preferred method is to fight the Golden Chalice of the Bud of Memory in the Far Snow Plains.
Easiest character material farm: Bud of Memories Golden Calyx

This is the first golden chalice you encounter and arguably the easiest due to the easy enemies. The first two difficulty levels only provide Travel Encounter and Adventure Journal materials, while the higher difficulty levels may also contain Guidebook materials. Like all others Chalice Challengeseach enemy wave requires 10x Trailblaze Power.

Trailblaze power is capped so they cannot be challenged in sequence unless refilled with Fuel or Stellar Jade. It takes 18 hours to fully regenerate on its own. You can wait it out, but it’s entirely up to you whether you want to use it sooner. As someone waiting for it to refill over time, I can attest that I’ve managed to level up the characters continuously and at a reasonable pace.

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How to farm character leveling materials in HSR

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Of course, ascent materials also play an important role. These are a bit more complicated as there are two different types.

The first type is one that you will see frequently as they are also used as trace materials and light cone ascension materials. They come in groups of three with varying rarities, with the following being just an example:

  • Extinguished Core
  • Shimmering Core
  • Writhing Core

Higher levels require an increasing number of materials and eventually higher rarities. The rarer materials will be obtainable from enemies at high balance levels, as well as through the simulated universe and omni synthesizer.

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Best Ascension Material Farm in Honkai Star Rail: Simulated Universe

Farming Ascension Materials isn’t quite as easy as character materials. This is because most of the methods are RNG. Iterating through the simulated universe is one of the more consistent methods, however, as you can do it as many times as you like.

If the RNG isn’t quite in your favor or you’re too busy focusing on other things, I’d also recommend trying to farm the lower versions through quests. Simply come back after the allotted time to collect the rewards, then run them through the Omni Synthesizer to craft the rarer versions.

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The second type is purely for character advancement and can only be earned through material exchange and Stagnant shadowsthe latter being the best way to breed them.

Each stagnant shadow offers a different character level-up material than Drop, and completing higher difficulties will reward you with more materials. Each attempt costs 30x Trailblaze power regardless of difficulty. So try to complete the hardest ones you can to make the most of your time.

With so many different materials and a cap on Trailblaze Power, time management to level up characters quickly is ultimately up to you. Unless you’re comfortable comparing stats and requirements across multiple characters, my advice is to focus on just one or two characters at a time to keep things less confusing.

Consider these tips and you’ll have everything you need to level up characters quickly Honkai StarRail. If you’re curious about what else you can do with your Trailblaze Power – or anything else you might need for your groundbreaking adventure – come see us HSR guides hub.

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