Honkai Star Rail: How to Unlock All Free Characters

Like most gacha games, Honkai Starrail has locked much of his character roster behind banners, or warps as they’re called here. That means you have to draw them and hope the odds are in your favor to get the character you want. Luckily, you can create a few teams without having to try your luck. We explain how to get them all free characters In Honkai Starrail.

How to get all free characters in Honkai Star Rail

The Trailblazer

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The trailblazer is the protagonist around whom the story revolves. You don’t have to use this character and you can swap him out with any other you unlock, but he still shows up for all dialogue moments as well as all cutscenes. your type is Physicallyand her way is destruction.

They will be unlocked right after the combat tutorial. You have to choose between two versions and give them a name. They are canonically named Stelle and Caelus, but you are free to name them whatever you like. If you are curious which one to choose, We can help with this selection guide.

7th March

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7th March is a member of the Astral Express, and if you’ve seen marketing for Honkai Starrail anyway, you will surely recognize them. She is a free support character who can use her bow to freeze enemies. your type is Iceand her way is conservation.

It’s impossible to miss as she’s introduced very shortly after the Trailblazer. The latter doesn’t even get a chance to fight without them, effectively making them playable simultaneously.

and heng

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Another member of the Astral Express that you will encounter early on is and heng. Unlike the previous two characters, all of his attacks are single target only. His type is windand his way is The hunt.

Although Dan Heng will be introduced along with March 7th, he is not joining the party just yet. You have to face some battles when you go through the space station Herta. Once you come across a non-working elevator, it will appear and join the party.


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A little later is coming Remain, the senior astronomy researcher in charge of the Herta space station. It is a support that strengthens allies. your type is Fireand her way is harmony.

This is another free character you can’t miss because shortly after you meet her, you’ll be thrown into a tutorial for the warps gacha system. You have to try one, and it’s the guaranteed hit.

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on the edge

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The next available character is on the edge, which could possibly be a limited-time offer. She uses electric attacks to hit multiple enemies at once. your type is lightningand her way is learning.

Serval is a character that you can freely claim from a message in your Letter boxalong with other rewards from the pre-registration campaign, HSR codesAnd Twitch Drops. Although no end date has been specified for these rewards, the post only lasts one year. It’s probably best to try the game soon and add them to your team.


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Coming back to characters not to be missed, we have herta. She also focuses on hitting multiple enemies and can buff herself. your type is Iceand her way is learning.

Herta is mentioned a lot initially, mostly because you’re on a space station named after her. Shortly after she is first seen, you must enter her simulated universe as part of the Trailblaze mission.Simulated Universe: First Closed Beta.” It will be unlocked upon completion.


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This is another free character that you will eventually unlock. Natasha is a doctor in Belobog, and according to her own lore, she plays a healing role. your type is Physicallyand her way is abundance.

Natasha is unlocked by completing quests on the planet Jarilo-VI. More specifically, she is unlocked after completing the Trailblaze mission.Lying in rust.”


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The dial tone is rounded off Qingque, although it may take you a while to unlock them. She’s the only free character to have that quantum dude while her way is learning.

Qingque is unlocked through the Forgotten Hall game mode, which challenges players with tough fights. You must have reached a Trailblaze level of 21 and then deleted Forgotten Hall – Memory Stage 3 to unlock them.

More permanent or time-limited free characters could be added in the future, but for now these are all free characters that can be unlocked Honkai Starrail. For other burning questions you may have about your space train adventure including each character’s abilities and ultimatescheck out ours Honkai Starrail Leader.

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