Honkai Star Rail Pity System Explained

Gacha games like Honkai StarRail often introduce new content such as characters and weapons via banners. You have to hope that the RNG works in your favor when you draw (or warp as it’s called in-game). Luckily there are mechanics who can help a little. Here is an explanation of the Honkai StarRail Too bad system.

What is the Pity system in Honkai Star Rail?

Pity is a common phrase you’ll hear in discussions of gacha games, and it refers to systems that make the RNG aspect more forgiving. If event banners strictly adhered to static pull rates with RNG, you would get rarer rewards less often.

This is where a Pity system comes into play. After a certain number of failed banner moves to unlock a high rarity reward, the chances of getting a high rarity reward will increase until it becomes a guarantee. The counter for a specific character/item rarity will be reset once you obtain it.

How does the pity system work in Honkai Star Rail?

For those who played Genshin Impact previously, the pity system in Honkai Star Rail works very similarly. It considers both 4-star and 5-star rewards for the different banners. Each of them is separate, which means that the counter for a 4-star guarantee is not affected by a 5-star value it shares a banner with, or anything else from other banners.

Gentle pity

Gentle pity is a hidden mechanism related to the number of moves required before the odds start to improve. This number is not provided, but due to the similarity of the system to Genshin Impact and based on some of our early experience, many assume it will start around draw 75 for 5-star characters as well.

Hard pity

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Hard pity has much more concrete evidence as it is stated on the front of each banner and is further specified if you look at the details below warp rate. For 4-star rewards, you are guaranteed to get one on your 10th pull of a specific banner. The maximum number of pulls required for a 5-star reward varies by banner, with each listed below:

  • Depart warp: 50 moves
  • Character event warp: 90 moves
  • Light Cone Event Warp: 80 moves
  • Stellar Warp: 90 moves
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What is 50/50 at Honkai Star Rail?

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Another aspect of compassion is the 50/50 systemwhich can be seen under banner details Increased rate. Whenever the RNG gives you a 4-star or 5-star reward, there’s a 50 percent chance it’s a featured character on the banner. If it’s not a featured character, that means the next one will be. The same idea applies to the featured 4-star characters.

For example, the first character event has Warp Soul as a featured 5-star character. If I draw a 5-star character and it’s Himeko, the next time I draw a 5-star character, it’s guaranteed to be Soul.

Each Light Cone Event Warp follows the same principle, albeit with different percentages. With these banners you have a 75% chance of pulling the featured cone of light and a guarantee to draw them next time you’ve drawn something else.

Is pity transmitted?

You don’t have to worry about the counter resetting once a limited-time event banner ends. Your compassion during the Character Event Warp or Light Cone Event Warp will carry over to the following.

To give an extreme example, if I did 89 pulls during Soul’s Banner to get a 5-star character and never got one, the pity will carry over, and my first pull on the next character event banner will be a 5 star.

Hopefully that puts into perspective how the Pity system works Honkai StarRail. If you are still confused about how the mechanics of the warp system and banners, Please read our guide on how to do this. For all other space related content, our growing collection of Honkai StarRail Leader can help.

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