Honkai Star Rail Reroll Guide

The best characters, gear and upgrades in Honkai StarRail are locked behind the game’s random gacha mechanics, and you may have to reroll what you want. You’re not guaranteed anything no matter how much time – or real money – you spend, but you can increase your chances reroll Your first 5-star Standard Banner Train. Our guide below explains how rerolling in works Honkai StarRail.

How to Reroll 5 Star Characters in Honkai Star Rail

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Here are the steps to reroll characters Honkai StarRail.

  • Start a new account with a new email address.
  • Progress until you acquire the Warp ability at Trailblaze level 5.
  • Spend all your Star Rail Passes at the exit warp.
  • Repeat as many times as necessary to get the desired 5-star character.

In the opening weeks of Honkai StarRailone of the banners has a 20% reduced drawing cost, i.e. eight Star Rail Passes instead of 10.

If you can do it with Kafka and Silver Wolf from the tutorial section – and eventually unlock the Warp ability – you’ll have just enough passes for 50 turns, which guarantees a single 5-star character.

What is not guaranteed is which one you will get and there is no other way to force the issue other than to reroll. Admittedly, it is a somewhat tedious undertaking. As much as we’d like to say it, there’s no better way to reroll your warp moves, so you’ll need to figure out which character you want ahead of time.

The best characters to reroll for

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Of the 5-star characters currently available, we currently recommend the following three as the best:

  • wheal is currently the only imaginary damage dealer in the game who specializes in debuffs.
  • himeko is probably the most versatile DPS available right now, and fire element damage is in high demand.
  • Bronja is a buff master, and her wind element is also one of the most useful throughout the campaign.
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Receive Klara isn’t a bad choice either, as her counterattack-focused gameplay goes well with March 7th’s ability to create shields, or any support-style character that can keep Clara refilled.

Here’s how to roll back in Honkai StarRail and the best moves you should be looking for right now. HSR is a massive game with tons of content to conquer. We’ve covered some of the most important parts, including how warp banners work, how to access daily questsAnd how to obtain and use cones of light. For more tips, strategies, and help, check out our Honkai StarRail leads hub.

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