Honkai Star Rail: Should You Side with Clara or Svarog?

Even small dialogue options in Honkai StarRail can have big consequences. An extreme example of this takes place at the end of Clara’s Companionship missions and concerns the future of a robot named Pascal. Our guide will help you decide whether you should side with Clara or Svarog HSR.

Rarely Loving (Part 2): Should You Choose Svarog or Clara?

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The end of Rarely Loving (Part 2) In this quest you regulate the future of Pascal, a robot who has gained emotional intelligence and is a potential danger. Svarog proposes a plan to reformat Pascal, while Clara prefers to leave Pascal as they are. It is a moral and ethical dilemma with neither option offering a clear solution.

There is no right or wrong answer to this choice. Each leads to a unique mission ending and follow-up quest, but Clara will definitely be there as a visitor to the Astral Express. The events of this mission line remain self-contained.

Choice 1: Serve with Svarog

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Svaraog’s argument for reformatting is based on Pascal having bad data and being combative before. Her diagnosis concludes that the erroneous data could multiply over time and result in Pascal being a danger to Clara or others.

What complicates matters even more is the emotional intelligence the robot has gained. Considering it feels different emotions, reformatting them feels more like killing them. It depends on whether you believe the robot is alive and whether its life is worth the danger it might cause.

If you side with Svarog, you will be spoiled a very sad cutscene of Pascal’s last moments with you and Clara. A follow-up mission has been called I wish you were here will then be displayed at the next server reset.

Choice 2: On Clara’s side

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Clara’s argument is that Pascal’s emotional intelligence is unique among other robots and that they deserve to exist as the individuals they have become. She promises she can take care of Pascal while Svarog can install special program locks to slow down how quickly her data gets corrupted and malfunctions.

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How long the lockdowns would be in effect is unknown. Eventually, the corrupted data must be properly reset, which will erase their memories. Over time, it will become corrupt again. Svarog will search for better solutions, but Clara may have to endure an endless cycle of erasing Pascal’s memories. It begs the question if Clara can take charge at such a seemingly young age and if it’s worse to keep resetting the robot.

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If you side with Clara, Svarog will build the locks into Pascal’s code. You can check Pascal the next day after a server reset when the Nobody answers mission appears.

Svarog vs Clara: Does it matter which one you choose?

Choosing to side with Svarog or Clara directly affects what happens to Pascal. It will You will be banned from a quest and achievement. Otherwise the choice is yours.

It’s worth noting that HoYoverse has made various supporting characters relevant again in later events Genshin Impact. There’s no telling if more missions could be added later to expand Pascal’s destiny, but with games that update with so much content like this, it’s hard to say never. For now, just choose to side with whoever has a better argument.

That’s the question of whether you should side with Clara or Svarog Honkai StarRail. If you’re looking for a different point in time where your choices make a big impact, this might interest you how to get the bad ending for the whole game. For everything else check out our Honkai StarRail guide hub.

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