Honkai Star Rail: The Ones Fallen Into the Abyss Quest Guide

The quest “The Fallen in the Abyss” in Honkai: Starway involves a bit of hide and seek to complete it. To advance in Trailblazer mission you need to find parts to fix broken mine cart. Get help from Findie, the object locator for home use. Here’s how to complete the Ones Fallen Into the Abyss quest with Findie in How to install Honkai Star Rail.

How to complete The Fallen Ones in Honkai: Star Rail

The home-use object locator known as Findie is first discovered by your party when you enter the Great Mine after the miners and vagrants clash. In order to move through the mine, you must find two mine cart items to fix a cart that is blocking the path. Findie allows you to drastically narrow your search scope.

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Findie will appear automatically when Soul mentions finding these parts. You have to press the R key on your keyboard to use it. The color of its beam indicates how far away the object is, with green being close and red being far away.

The first part you need is the Mine Cart Pin, which is pretty close to the broken mine cart, so don’t run through the mine like I was originally looking for. Follow the direction Findie is pointing and you’ll see a small glimmer near a scaffold with snowy rocks to its right.

To find the second part, the Mine Cart Wheelset, you’ll have to travel a little further. Activate Findie again to get an approximate direction in which to go. You can find the item near the Calyx, so head in that direction and activate Findie for a more accurate location. The wheelset is near a wooden crate with Geomarrow stacked on top.

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Once you have both items, Findie will turn off for a nap and you can return to the broken mine cart. Soul will fix it and you can move into the mine after pushing it out of the way. This completes the Ones Fallen Into the Abyss quest. For more quest help, be sure to check out our extensive Honkai StarRail leads hub.

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