Honkai Star Rail: Unable to Log In Error Fix

The Honkai StarRail Servers are under incredible stress as the launch of the game has generated unprecedented interest in them Genshin Impact Developer. Many try to play and get an error message and can’t sign in, but there may be some fixes you can try if you can’t sign in.

The 1001_2 and 1001_1 errors that are currently causing players to be unable to log in are most likely related to server load, but there are a few things you can do to try and resolve the issue.

Is there a solution to the “Unable to sign in” error?

There are a few different options to try to fix the unable to sign in error Honkai: Starway.

  • Check server status: There is no official server status page yet, but you can check it Honkai StarRail Twitter to see if the server has shut down.
  • Restart the launcher: The ancient IT fix can work like magic in this case, although it’s not really an option on mobile.
  • Disable/change your DNS: Check in your mobile settings if you are using a private DNS. AdGuard DNS in particular causes many problems for people trying to connect Honkai StarRail.
  • Disable VPN: Using a VPN can cause an error between the service and the server. Disable your VPN and try logging in again.
  • If you are using a mobile device, Switch from Wi-Fi to mobile data before trying to sign in again.
  • Reinstall the game: This can fix the error by completely reinstalling all files
  • If all else fails, contact HoYoverse via Twitter or Discord for help resolving the issue.
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There isn’t a major confirmed cause for the 1001_2 or 1001_1 errors resulting in you being unable to sign in, but these are the best options we have right now. Stay tuned for more updates and a solution from HoYoverse. Good luck getting into the game, and once you’re in, check out ours Honkai StarRail Leader.

Featured image via HoYoverse.

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