Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores Heaven and Earth Door Code

part of Heaven and Earth search in Horizon forbidden west Burning Shores enters Walter Londra’s office in Heaven. Locked out and requires a door code, Aloy and Seyka search datalogs to find it. Below we cover the steps to get the HFW Burning Shores Heaven-and-Earth Door Code if you want to uncover the combination naturally – and we’ll provide the answer towards the end of this guide if you want to jump straight to it.

How to get heaven and earth door code in HFW Burning Shores

Getting the heaven and earth door code for Londra’s office can be a tricky process. The numbers are hidden in the logs of heaven. Seyka controls part of the logs while you use your focus to look up the appropriate asteroid data.

Don’t look at the solid spheres on the ground, but at those floating around the holographic earth.

  • The first year, 2050, and the data log match to help you solve the code, resulting in the first number of the door code of heaven and earth 3.
  • The second number is found in the year 2054. The asteroid is full of platinum, which is referenced in the data log. If you look at the amount of platinum that can be collected, you will get the number 2 for the code.
  • The only tricky thing is the third number. This is in the year 2061 and refers to an accident that killed eight people. Londra doesn’t see people as people, however, but as tools, so it makes sense that the code number could have come from the flight number. That’s wrong, so is the third code digit 8th.
  • The final code number can be found in the year 2056. The datalog tells you how long it will take to get the cobalt from the asteroid and gives you the number 5 to complete the code.
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What is the Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores door code? answered

The full heaven and earth door code to get into Londra’s office in Burning Shores is 3285. Go to the console and enter it to get access. You’ll first notice a holoprojector in his office, as well as a few other items.

That’s how you get them Burning Shores Heaven and Earth door code to enter Zenith Walter Londra’s office during Heaven and Earth quest. More on this Horizon forbidden west and its DLC, look at ours HFW guide collection.

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