House Flipper Release Spring Update, Reveal Farm DLC Release Date

house pinball has some big things coming up this year, namely the Spring Update and Farm DLC. Not only that, but this year marks the game’s 5th anniversary and Frozen District has some celebratory surprises in store.

The house pinball Spring Update is currently live on all platforms. This update brings the tree house featured in the update trailer. Included with the tree house are new light switches, new outlets, the ability to tile balconies, a new furniture set, and animated blinds. The update also optimized the game and fixed some bugs.

Farm DLC release date

Along with the release of the Spring Update, Frozen District has announced that the Farm DLC will be released on April 13th.

The farm is packed with new ways to play DLC features multiple farm lots, new quests, the ability to expand your current house, harvesting, horseback riding, and more. Build a modern homestead with stable, cows and hay bales; or corner the egg market with flocks of chickens and chicken coops. Life on the farm is yours.

birthday party

An announcement for the 5th anniversary of sneak in house pinballA year of goodies awaits fans of the game. The prelude is an epic sale.

  • house pinball – 50% discount
  • Choose DLC – 50% discount
  • Choose DLC – 35% discount
  • House pinball pets VR – 30% discount
  • house pinball VR – 50% discount
  • The tenants – 30% discount

This is a great time to get the game if you’re interested. With one year anniversary celebrations from Frozen District, house pinball is an interesting time ahead.

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Featured image via Frozen District

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