How to Beat Lord Saddler Boss Fight Guide

Lord Saddler is the final boss in the Resident Evil 4 remake. This leader of the Los Illuminados cult was a threat as seen in Leon’s visions, and it’s time to put an end to his plans. Here’s our guide to help you defeat the final boss, Lord Saddler Resident Evil 4 Remake.

How to defeat Lord Saddler in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Lord Saddler’s final boss encounter in the Resident Evil 4 remake takes place at the end of Chapter 16. Once you leave the temple ruins and reach the loading docks, you’ll meet the merchant, making this the last safe hub and point of no return in the entire campaign.

As for the Saddler encounter, you could use the Rocket Launcher to take him down quickly if you want. Though it’s arguably more fun taking him down with your arsenal of other weapons.

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Lord Saddler boss fight phase 1

The first phase of Resident Evil 4 remake Lord Saddler boss fights take place in the loading dock area, which has wide pathways you can use to traverse. Your opponent will transform and turn into a giant creature heading towards Leon. Here’s the gist:

  • Saddler looks a bit like an arachnid and has a small eye in the middle of his “head”. This is a little hard to hit, so you’d better shoot his legs with the larger eyes. This stuns him and Leon can lunge with a melee attack.
  • You can run away from your opponent and climb down the ladder that leads to the larger docking area. On the opposite side is a crank that also creates a walkway.
  • When Saddler jumps to the top of the crane, he deals a devastating slam to the ground, destroying part of the arena. However, if he positions himself closer to explosives and other hazards, you can use them against him.
  • Your enemy will also regularly summon Novistadors, those pesky flying bugs. Make sure you shoot them quickly or else they will harass you during the encounter.

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Your best choice when dealing with this phase of Lord Saddler final boss fight Resident Evil 4 remake is to use upgraded weapons (like in our Best Weapon Upgrade Guide).

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The Red9/Blacktail, Stingray, and CQBR assault rifle perform admirably here. Go ahead and pop the “leg eyes” before approaching for a melee sequence. When you can do this about 3 times, move on to the next part.

Lord Saddler boss fight phase 2

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The Lord Saddler boss fight has a shorter and easier second phase. This time, Leon is surrounded by Saddler’s tentacles, although the central core is visible. Therefore, you should keep shooting at it with your guns.

Your opponent will also try to smash you with tentacles. When you see a sweeping motion, you can press the button to dodge it. But if you see a forward swing, be prepared to parry or dodge.

Shortly thereafter, Ada Wong returns and throws a special rocket launcher at Leon. Aim and fire the explosives and Saddler will transform into calamari.

RE4 Remake escape sequence

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After beating up Lord Saddler RE4, there is a short cutscene followed by the entire facility going up in smoke. Now you must flee while Ashley follows you.

This entire section has a self-destruct sequence and you must escape within 2:10. Consider this a slightly cinematic experience as you don’t actually fight other enemies at the end, but there is one last one Clockwork castellan that you want to be aware of.

Finally, the two reach a jet ski. The goal in this high-speed sequence is to move sideways to avoid crumbling pillars and large obstacles. The timer keeps ticking here, but if you manage to survive you can watch the end of the game and see your graduation rank.

With all of that, you’ve killed Lord Saddler and saved Ashley…until your next playthrough, where you’ll do it again, but cooler. Check out some of our others RE4 redo instructions here on GameSkinny for some help with that.

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