How to Beat Salazar with a Gold Egg

Ramon Salazar has a strange Achilles’ heel. Usually Salazar is one of the toughest fights in 2023 Resident Evil 4 make new, but one fan discovered a strange way to hit Salazar with a golden egg in a matter of seconds. Here’s how to fight Ramon Salazar with the power of protein in battle RE4 make new.

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How to kill Salazar with a golden egg

You can find two golden chicken eggs during the RE4 make new. One can be found in Chapter 4 in the isolated chicken coop on the east side of the lake, where it meets the conditions of a specific side mission.

The other is in the castle’s throne room, which you can revisit in Chapter 12 after Leon’s jaunt into the dungeons. You need the Cubic Device to open the crate that contains the egg.

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In either case, the golden chicken egg can be sold to the vendor for 9,000 pesetas or eaten to heal Leon to almost 100%. In the original RE4there was also a slim chance that chickens would randomly lay gold eggs, but if that’s still true in the remake, the chances must be astronomically low.

The first thing that catches the eye is the golden chicken egg in Salazar’s throne room Resident Evil 4 Remake appears to be a free cure. However, on March 30, a streamer named Larxa released footage she had threw the golden egg at Salazar. On hit, it stunned him and appeared to deal heavy damage.

Fans then used speedrunner mods to investigate this and found that a clean hit from the Gold Egg causes a full 70% damage on Salazar on any difficulty. Even better, the Eggshot dazes Salazar for a crucial few seconds, long enough to blast a Riot Gun or Magnum into him and end the fight.

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This takes a little practice. As you may have noticed, Leon throws eggs in a shallow arc in the remake, so it doesn’t go exactly where you’d expect. You also need to hit Salazar head-on, as opposed to all that weird organic matter surrounding him. Just one egg smash on Salazar’s weak spot will do the trick.

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Luckily, right outside of Salazar’s boss room, there’s an autosave for every difficulty except Pro, so you can reload your save if you miss the egg toss.

There is no special bonus or reward for defeating Salazar with an egg. The only real benefit, as mentioned above, is taking a really stupid shortcut through one of the toughest fights in the game. For less egg-related but no less important information on the topic Resident Evil 4 make new, check out our guides hub.

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