How to Beat the Rancor in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

The Rankor is one of the toughest enemies you will face Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Found on Koboh, this vicious monstrosity will chew up Cal Kestis and spit him out like Bantha Poodoo. Here’s our guide to help you beat the rancor Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – How to defeat the legendary enemy Rancor

The rancor is located on the planet Koboh in a small cave system called The Soaked grotto.

The entrance to this area is fairly close to the outpost of Rambler’s Reach, a small town that acts as a hub for most of the game. In fact, an NPC near the fast travel point will tell you a rumor about missing miners.

Since you reach this area early in the campaign, you may be tempted to delve deeper into the Sodden Grotto.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • The tunnels are dark and dimly lit, so you’ll need to hold down the lock button to light up your lightsaber. Watch out for narrow openings you can walk through.
  • There are a few enemy creatures here, as well as some Force Echoes and BD-1 scans.
  • At the end of the cave system you will see a fast travel point. Beyond is a larger chamber, Rancor’s Den.

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rancor attacks

To defeat the rancor, you need to pay attention to its attack patterns. On the standard Jedi Knight difficulty, it is three attack swings might be slow, but a single hit will be enough to lose half your HP.

Your opponent also has a ground hitwhat will cause one AoE shockwave. Last but not least it is grab attack is extremely deadly. If you get caught, Cal will take a bite, likely resulting in a quick death.

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What is the butt to defeat the rancor in Jedi Survivor?

If you are successful, you acquire the Shard Advantage. This increases the damage your attacks deal against enemy sentry gauges and allows you to breach their defenses. You can learn more about this mechanic in our Parry, parry and counter fight guide.

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To be clear, the rancor is just one type of Legendary enemy/legendary beast. Also, this isn’t the only time you’ll face a rancor Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Much later in the game you can return to Coruscant. When you return to the first area, you’ll remember that there you found a lightsaber cosmetic chest and a door that couldn’t be opened.

Once you have the power to lift and slam, you can open this door. Inside is a Force Tear, a special challenge arena. It just so happens that in this game you face not one, but two rancors.

And that’s how you hit the Rancoe eat survivors, just one of many activities, challenges and secrets to be discovered in the game. For more information on other mechanics, visit our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor leads hub.

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