How to Catch Aberrant Fish in Dredge

There are all kinds of fish in there Dredge, and sometimes they come out a little different than usual. Aberrant fish are fish that have been mutated in some way and can be sold for a higher price. Here’s how to catch deviant fish in it Dredge.

How to catch divergent fish

Aberrant fish can be found in the same fishing spots as normal fish. The key is to look out for a greenish mist over the fishing spot along with multicolored sparkles. That means there is a deviant fish there. It could be the first fish you bring up or the last, but as long as the glimmer is there the fish can be caught. Each type of fish has several different versions in the encyclopedia. You can tell a fish is different in your cargo or storage but its dark purple background.

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When you catch a deviant fish for the first time, it will most likely be a squid. You will get a chase to take the fish to the fishmonger. He’ll take out a tissue at the end, but he’ll also pay you more for it. He pays a higher price for each deviant fish you catch. If you bought the Blackstone Key DLC, the Sign of Ruin will increase your chance of encountering Divergent Fish. This is a quick way to make money when you can bring in multiple aberrant fish per catch.

If your psyche is really bad, you can sometimes be attacked by a deviant fish. While it’s not recommended to be scared and have a bad psyche, it can be something to play around with every now and then. Depending on the variance that ends up in your cargo, it can spread diseases to your other fish.

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This is how you catch an aberrant fish Dredge. If you need help catching other fish, check out our Dredge Library.

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