How to Claim Exclusive Dead by Daylight x Meet Your Maker Rewards

Meet your maker Rewards are available in Dead by daylightand you may be wondering how to claim them for these Behavior Interactive games. It’s actually quite easy to get these exclusive products. Our guide tells you how.

How to get DbD x Meet Your Maker rewards

To get your exclusive DbD And Meet your maker Rewards, all you have to do is have both games on the same platform. You will receive the exclusive rewards automatically in every game.

Both Dead by Daylight and Meet Your Maker on PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Get to know your Maker crossover rewards in Dead by Daylight

In Dead by daylightreceive a total of four crossover rewards.

  • Meg Thomas – Pentekath’s Suit – Very Rare
    • A highly advanced technological suit with unknown components from their favorite game.
  • The Huntress – Toothaxe – Very Rare
    • An ax with a serrated blade for maximum damage.
  • The Trapper – Gnarling Blade – Very Rare
    • A weapon made from unknown scrap metal that causes serious flesh injuries.
  • The Wraith – Biomechanical Spine – Very Rare
    • This bizarre subclone results from an unknown technology in combination with organic material.

To access it, open the cosmetics menu for Meg, The Huntress, The Trapper, or The Wraith. They are already available for you to choose from.

Dead by Daylight Crossover Rewards in Meet Your Maker.

As for the crossover rewards in meet your maker You will receive another four rewards combined in one package. These rewards are perfect for building your outpost and letting you add new opportunities to either Change the harvester path or hide them best traps in it Meet your maker.

  • 2 blocks (each available in 3 shapes): DbD Brick, DbD metal
  • 2 props: pallet with ropes, window with boards
  • 1 animated prop: Generator
  • 8 stickers
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To access the pack you must complete the tutorial and activate your first outpost. Then you can use those DbD deco package.

As time goes by, players might get lucky enough to get more crossover rewards, but starting now, this is how you get the crossover exclusives Dead by daylight And Meet your maker. Keep checking back for more GameSkinny tips and information.

Featured image by Behavior Interactive.

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