How to Complete Power Unified in WoW: Dragonflight

Before you can learn how to complete Power Unified in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, you must complete the Breaking Ground storyline. Depending on what quests you completed before grabbing Power Unified, this could be one of the fastest quests you complete.

How to complete Power Unified in WoW: Dragonflight

After completing Breaking Ground, you can accept Examiner Tae’shara Bloodwatcher’s Power Unified. She asks you to bring her a Splintered Spark of Shadowflame to combine with the one she already has and as a reward she gives you two Splintered Sparks of Shadowflame.

There are two ways to get a Splintered Spark of Shadowflame. The first is to complete the weekly quest A Worthy Ally: Loamm Niffen and open the Scentsational Niffen Treasures that the quest awards. The second option is to complete a weekly PvP Trial quest.

I completed A Worthy Ally: Loamm Niffen, a quest that requires you to earn 1500 reputation with Loamm Niffen by completing quests and events in Zaralek Cavern before I spoke to Examiner Tae’shara Bloodwatcher, so I had the Splintered Spark of Shadowflame in advance. Then all I had to do was talk to her and hand in the quest.

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