How to Complete Survival Wisdom Quest in Honkai Star Rail

That’s no surprise Honkai Starrail has hidden treasures and treasure maps. The side quest survival wisdom actually has two treasure maps, and if you’re trying to figure out where X marks the spot, this is where you’ll find all the items for Survival Wisdom How to install Honkai Star Rail.

Walkthrough for the Survival Wisdom Quest

Once you complete the Lying in rust Trailblaze Quest, you’ll receive a message from Sampo asking for your help in a life-or-death situation. Go inside the Great Mine via the Navigate function to meet up with Sampo.

Where to find the lost mining tools

The first part of the Survival Wisdom mission is to find two misplaced mining tools. The Thermally powered mechanical mining hoe is right next to Sampo, between him and the space anchor. You will see other mining tools being put aside. Look there to find it.

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The Custom pink hard hat can be found by snaking through the mine. You will eventually encounter a vagabond that you cannot ambush. And they actually use the helmet. Defeat the tramp to get it.

With both items in hand, return to Sampo to get your treasure map. After a short exchange, you can go in search of your reward.

In search of the first hidden treasure

The spot for this treasure is a bit hard to spot. You want to go Overlook Space Anchor, then north. You will come across a Vagrant camp and will need to either sneak near the first tent or defeat the closer Vagrants. This camp is in front of the elevator switch; if you are beyond that, you have gone too far.

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Once you get to the next side of the tent, you’ll see a glimmer to examine. Do this to get one Anti Dust Mask, which happens to be the last missing mining tool for Sampo. Return to Sampo to claim the real treasure map.

The real treasure map Schatzort

After you’ve got your hands on the real map, head back to the Vagrant camp. To speed things up and avoid additional battles, I simply teleported back and forth between the two locations. Head through the camp and continue west until you come across a formidable enemy.

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You must pass through the formidable enemy to gain access to the area. Enemies consist of robots with shield abilities as well as Vagrant that can buff. There are two waves, with the second wave consisting of three robots and two vagrant.

After defeating them, continue down the path past the tents until you see a glow near the wall. Investigating the area will reveal a treasure chest containing, among other things, relics. Finding the chest completes the mission and earns you the Power of greed psychology. For more quest help, best character builds, or how weaknesses work, see our Honkai Starrail Leader.

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