How to Find and Open the Chest of the Flights in WoW: Dragonflight

The chest of flights in WoW: Dragonflight They can be difficult to find and open. You’ll need to solve a puzzle before you can actually open the chest, but thankfully it’s not too punishing if you don’t get it right the first time.

WoW Chest of the Flights location

The Chest of Flights is one of many new treasures that have been added WoW: Dragonflight in patch 10.1 this was found in Zaralek Cave at (X:56,Y:3,2) but it looks like it was found on a different map. I felt like I went the wrong way as this area is in what looks like an out of zone part of the map. However, if you continue flying up the rocky area, you will get to a cave with the Chest of Flights inside.

Solving the riddle “Chest of Flights”.

Now you’ll notice colored gems on the floor that match the colors of the dragonflights, which is why the treasure’s name is very apt. You must interact with these gems in a specific order to unlock the chest. But don’t worry if you chose the wrong order. Not only is there a simple knockback as a penalty, your progress towards solving the puzzle will not be reset either.

Screenshot of GameSkinny

If you don’t want to unlock it by trying, here’s the correct order:

  • Red
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Bronze (which looks more like yellow)
  • Green

With this you can loot the chest of flights and continue to your next destination. For more WoW: Dragonflight Leader For information on how to find treasure in Zaralek Cave, click here how to open the chest encased in crystals or how to get the melted hoard.

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