How to Fix EA App Network Failed Error

Running failed error on EA app network can be a bummer. It effectively stops you from playing games in the EA library, whether they are multiplayer or single-player titles. It can be shown if you are playing something Star Wars Battlefront or any installment in the long term Driving me crazy Franchise. I noticed it while playing The Sims 4. If you encountered this, ask yourself if there is a solution. Our guide below has some possible fixes you can try.

What is the EA App network failed error?

The “EA App Network Failed” error often boils down to one thing: there’s a server-side issue with the game you’re trying to play. Sometimes the server problems can be global. In other cases, they may refer to a specific title.

An influx of players for a new version, patch update or in-game event can bring servers to a halt and are all things that usually contribute to the app network failure. Also, the error can appear randomly while playing the game and it can appear multiple times in a row.

Is there a solution to the EA app network failed error?

From my experience, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to such errors. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa. First you should Check the status of the EA server by following these tips. If all of EA’s servers are down – or even just those for the game you want to play – the only solution is to wait things out. It’s likely there’s nothing you can do until the servers are fixed and running properly.

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However, there are some possible solutions you can at least try to make sure nothing on your end is contributing to the error.

  • Sign out of the EA app and close it completely. Then sign in again.
  • Restart your computer or console.
  • Reset your router by turning it off and unplugging it from the power outlet.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the EA app.

Aside from these typical troubleshooting methods, some other users have stated that they were able to bypass the error by:

  • Clear the “Keep me signed in” and “Sign in as invisible” checkboxes when trying to sign in.
  • Flushing their DNS (here is How to Clear Your DNS from PC Mag Easily).
  • Adjust your VPN settings or turn off your VPN.
  • Start the EAupdate.exe file in your program files.

Again, none of these potential fixes are guaranteed to work if you’re seeing the EA App Network Failed error. Finally, there’s a potential workaround for using Origin instead of the EA app, which you can easily find on Reddit by searching for the issue that seems to have worked for a small handful of users. Anyway, hopefully one of these things worked and you can play again!

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