How to Get and Use the Biosensor Scope

The biosensor scope in Resident Evil 4 make new is an important item because you need it to kill a terrible enemy. True to their name, the Regenaradors you fight around the island will regenerate unless you can shoot them in the right spots. The only problem is that you can’t see through them to hit the Plagas inside.

The RE4 Biosensor Scope is a thermal imaging scope and a necessary accessory if you want to defeat the Regenaradors. However, it only appears after the first spawns. Until you get the scope, we recommend running away from these monstrosities.

Where to find the location of the RE4 biosensor endoscope

The biosensor scope in Resident Evil 4 Remake is at Island Lab. You must get it Level 2 security key cardwhich is found in the freezer. Walk from the freezer to the incubation laboratoryand be careful to avoid the Regeneradors as you move.

Go to the room adjacent to the lab to the north. The biosensor oscilloscope is in a small open case on the table next to a note explaining how to use it.

How to use the biosensor oscilloscope

Screenshot from Gameskiny.

Once you have installed the biosensor scope RE4 Remake, you can equip it on any weapon that supports a scope (rifles and a submachine gun). Just select the weapon you want to equip the scope with and go to “Parts”.

From there you will see the new scope in the drop down menu and you can equip it with the weapon you want. We recommend putting it on your rifle like the good old days.

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When you aim the biosensor scope, you see in thermal imaging – this allows you to see the Plagas inside the Regenaradors. Now you can shoot and kill the parasites in these nearly invincible enemies to take them out for good.

Follow these instructions and you can get the biosensor scope and learn how to use it in no time. For more Resident Evil 4 Remake Find tips and tricks in the guide hub. Over here, stranger.

Featured image via Capcom.

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