How to Get S++ Rank

The Resident Evil 4 make new Mercenary mode is all about destroying countless enemies with your characters. By making the most of your weapons and skills, you will achieve a high score and a leaderboard at the end of your run. Here is our guide to help you with the ranks and how to get the S++ rank in the Resident Evil 4 remake‘s Mercenary mode.

How to get S++ rank in RE4 Remake Mercenaries Mode

There are a few things you should know about Mercenary Mode in RE4 Remake before you really delve into it:

  • By default, each stage has a two-minute timer. You earn extra time by defeating enemies with headshots, melee executions, explosives, and while in Mayhem mode. Eliminating Elites and Special Infected (i.e. Pighead Brutes, Chainsaw Villagers, Zealots and Garradors) grants more time.
  • Green orbs add 30 to 90 seconds to the timer depending on the orb, and there are at least four of these in a stage. Meanwhile, yellow orbs add to your energy charge in Chaos mode.
  • Orb locations, as well as various items like herbs, ammo, and grenades, tend to be randomized each run, although there are a few notable spawn locations.
  • When the timer runs out or your character dies, the battle ends. However, if you manage to kill all 150 enemies in each stage, you’ll end the battle and earn bonus points based on how much time is left.

RE4 Mercenaries Score Ranks and Combo Points Explained

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Here are the point thresholds needed for each ranking in Mercenary mode:

  • B rank: Anything under 100,000 points.
  • A rank: 100,000 to 199,999 points.
  • S rank: 200,000 to 499,999 points.
  • S+ rank: 500,000 to 999,999 points.
  • S++ rank: 1 million points and above.

To collect these points, pay attention to your combo counter in the top right of the screen.

Each threshold grants a point multiplier when you get kills, starting at a 1.1x multiplier (10 enemies killed) up to a 1.5x multiplier (100 enemies killed).

The combo counter has a thin bar that will be used up over time. It will reset if you cannot defeat another enemy after a few seconds.

Mercenaries S++ rank tips and tricks

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Here are some additional tips to consider when looking for S++ Rank in RE4 Remake’s Mercenaries mode.

Spend the first few seconds noting the locations of the balls. You should grab each green orb as fast as possible to increase the duration of the timer. However, you can save the yellow orbs for later when you really need a quick boost to your Chaos ability.

Find the golden chicken egg. There is at least one chicken in each stage, although sometimes its position can be a bit random. If you kill this fowl, it will drop a golden egg that adds 50,000 points. Find out more in our Gold Chicken Egg Location Guide.

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Familiarize yourself with character loadouts and abilities. Different characters have different loadouts and mayhem abilities. Use them to your advantage.

In general, save your Mayhem ability for when things get too hectic or when Elites and Special Infected appear.

  • leon has the Riot Gun (the only character with a shotgun), making him deadly at close range.
  • LuisThe Chaos ability drops sticks of dynamite that can destroy entire packs of enemies as well as Elites. Likewise, his SR-M1903 sniper rifle has the biosensor areaallowing you to locate the Plaga parasites within mutations.
  • frill, meanwhile, can blow up enemies with his compound bow. He can then mutate his arm, slashing and stabbing enemies with ease.
  • Hunk’s Mayhem ability grants his LE5 unlimited ammo for a short time. However, he also has a special melee throat snap variant. This also works against special infected, so you can fire off a few headshots to stun them and then snap their necks to kill them instantly.

Find a campsite. Assuming you’ve collected all the green orbs (and maybe the golden egg as well), it’s time to look for a campsite, which we’ve detailed in ours mercenary Stage and level layout guide.

Each stage has a few areas where you can initiate most mobs, giving you a decent vantage point and avoiding most issues such as B. Enemies appearing behind you. As long as you have a steady stream of enemies and can reliably take them down, you should take down entire packs.

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Watch your combo count. Your combo count doesn’t reset when you take damage, so just watch out for the thin bar that slowly depletes. Make sure you get quick kills to get your score multiplier.

Use headshots, explosions and executions. While body shots kill normal enemies and increase your score, only headshots, explosions, and melee executions add valuable seconds to the timer.

Kill all 150 enemies to complete the encounter. Each stage has a maximum of 150 enemies. Once they are all dead, the fight ends and the remaining time counts towards your bonus score.

If you get S++, rank in Resident Evil 4 Remake Mercenaries Mode is only possible if you manage to kill all the enemies as the bonus points will take you over the 1 million point threshold. If you die or the timer runs out, your best chances are likely to be S or S+ rank. Hope these tips and tricks helped you complete the challenge!

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