How to Get the Primal Knife

Resident Evil 4 Remake has several bonus weapons. We’ve already covered how to grab the hand cannon And How to unlock Infinite Rocket Launcherbut if you’re looking for a melee weapon to complement it, you’ll probably want to get your hands on the Primal Knife.

The Primal Knife is one of the most powerful melee weapons in Resident Evil 4 make new, and the only knife in the game that can be made unbreakable, so there are definitely plenty of reasons to hunt it down. Here’s how to unlock it.

How to unlock the Primal Knife in RE4 Remake

To unlock the Primal Knife RE4 Remake, you have to go collectible hunting. That means Destruction of 16 Clockwork Castellans, one per chapter of the game. Popping all 16 Clockwork Castellans will complete this Revolution Wind Up Challenge and unlock the Primordial Knife.

The only problem is that they are difficult to find. But no worry. We know where they all are.

Where to find all Clockwork Castellans in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Clockwork Castellan 1: Chapter 1 – Lakeside Settlement

Your first Clockwork Castellan is on the roof of the cabin in Lakeside Settlement, which is where you will first meet Luis. You can flick it through a hole in the cabin’s roof.

Clockwork Castellan 2: Chapter 2 – Abandoned Factory

You can find the second Clockwork castellan in a hut north of the abandoned factory, just to the right of the entrance. You can easily remember this, because this is where you meet the dealer for the first time.

Clockwork Castellan 3: Chapter 3 – Quarry

You can find this in the merchant’s house in the quarry. Take the ladder down and follow the ticking sound. The Clockwork Castellan is hidden behind a group of crates in the right corner of the area.

Clockwork Castellan 4: Chapter 4 – Lakeside settlement, near the Forest Altar

After taking care of the Lake Monster, take the boat back to the Lakeside Settlement. You will find your fourth castellan behind the fences by the forest altar. If you’re having trouble, look for the corpse of the poor girl who was sacrificed. You can find it near her.

Clockwork Castellan 5: Chapter 5 – Village square, in the village chief’s mansion

When you return to the village with Ashley in chapter 5, go to the village head’s mansion. Drag the layer behind the second floor painting to reveal a secret ladder. Take the ladder to the attic to find the castellan.

Clockwork Castellan 6: Chapter 6 – Bridge north of the mansion

You’ll come across a bridge in Chapter 6 that leads to an area oddly called the Checkpoint. You’ll find your sixth castellan sitting in front of the campfire to the right of the bridge.

Clockwork Castellan 7: Chapter 7 – Dungeons

Make sure you grab this one before exiting the dungeons after killing the Garrador. Once the garrador is ready and dusted, climb up the ladder behind the locked gate. Up there on the shelves sits the seventh Clockwork Castellan.

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Clockwork Castellan 8: Chapter 8 – Castle Battlements

You’ll know you’re in the right place because an armored version of El Gigante will throw big ole rocks at you. Ignore him and go to the tower on the left side of the area. The castellan is on the right, just in front of the boxes.

Clockwork Castellan 9: Chapter 9 – Court Maze

This clockwork castellan is located in the upper left of the courtyard maze. Here’s an easy way to get there: After taking the steps down, skip the first exit on the left and take the second one. From there, turn left at each corner. You will eventually find the castellan behind a table.

Clockwork Castellan 10: Chapter 10 – Depths

You can find this one in the tunnel that connects the depths to the trader’s location. Look for the area separated from the merchant’s area and you’ll notice the castellan hanging from the ceiling.

Clockwork Castellan 11: Chapter 11: Layover

This castellan is in the layover where you and Luis stop after riding the mine cart for the first time. Look for the broken structure at the top of the area and you’ll find the castellan hiding on the roof.

Clockwork Castellan 12: Chapter 12 – Clock Tower

You can find this after taking the cable car north of the ballroom to reach the clock tower. The castellan is sitting on some tarp covered crates in the lower left corner.

Clockwork Castellan 13: Chapter 13 – Kai

North of the Wharf is an area littered with cars and drinking containers. You’ll find the 13th Clockwork Castellan behind the green forklift, sandwiched between it and a brown truck.

Clockwork Castellan 14: Chapter 14 – Amber Storeroom, near the campsite

In the campsite you will find a small room opposite the gate near the giant amber. Look for this clockwork castellan sitting on top of the lockers in this room.

Clockwork Castellan 15: Chapter 15 – Sample Storage

This is the area with all the hanging body bags. You’ll find this in the room to the right of the area labeled Specimen Storage on your map, up in the rafters. Use your flashlight to spot it.

Clockwork Castellan 16: Chapter 16 – Subterranean Passage

You grab your last Clockwork Castellan just before you and Ashley get on the jet ski in the final chapter of the game. This is behind the green forklift in the underground passage.

Destroying all 16 Clockwork Castellans will unlock the Primal Knife and the Revolution Wind-up achievement or trophy, depending on your platform of choice. Congratulations on unlocking your latest bonus weapon. It will help you tremendously during the Krauser fight. For more help with Resident Evil 4 Remakecheck out ours RE4 leads hub.

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