How to Play Welcome Home ARG

Welcome home ARG is the newest alternate reality game making the rounds. The focus is on a puppet show for children from the 1970s. Welcome home ARG appears innocent at first. However, as you play through the content, a darker story unfolds. Here’s how to play Welcome Homeas well as the clues we found along the way.

Welcome home ARG declared

The history of Welcome Home starts sweet enough. The Welcome Home website is brightly colored and flaunts it characters of the show.

This is where most of the gameplay takes place, where you will discover hidden letters in the site’s images and text. Then you put the hidden letters together to form an answer. Let’s begin!

Welcome Home ARG Landing Page

The landing page is pretty simple. However, if you look at the website link, you can see that it points to “Welcome Home.” This is a bit odd, but not overtly outstanding.

In the Website updates section, but there is something that stands out. The “Y” in your is superscript compared to the rest of the text. If you highlight this section, there will be a double “Y” at this point.

Screenshot of GameSkinny

Welcome Home!

If you click on the first link that appears, viz Welcome Home!, you will be taken to a page about the history of the show. We can see a subscript letter the “W” in Wally under the picture of Howdy Pillar. If you scroll all the way down you will find a link to the Welcome Home Restoration Team info page.

About Us

The “O” roughly Us is turned off on this site. This gives us Y, W, and O as letters that are out of place with their adjacent text. This site also has an entire section featuring Double text in the FAQ section.

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When highlighted, the text reads: “When I unwrapped the first letter, I felt it. I heard him.

Screenshot of GameSkinny

Below this entry is an entry for “Do you know how many episodes of Welcome Home there are?” This clue seems simple, but there is hidden text here as well.

It reads: “The numbers are so hard to read. Sometimes I can’t see them.” The entry “How did you start researching Welcome Home?” also hid “But it hurts” at the end.


This site has a lot of stuff on it. The first is that the “you” in you’re is clickable. Clicking this will take you to another page titled “You” where you type slowly. The phrase “Wally is your best friend” is typed. Nothing else comes on this page.

You will find that Wally’s Home is sentient with moving eyes. This may come as a surprise, but what lies just below Wally’s house is the real shock. Clicking on the end of Wally’s path takes you to the So Below page, which shows a sketch of Wally in his house.

The note at the bottom of the page has a superscript X. The letters are now Y, W, O and X.

Those are the main things we found while playing through Welcome home ARG. The game is still in the prologue phase, so more is coming in the future. Keep checking back for updates!

Featured image via Clown Illustrations.

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