How to Sign Up for Monster Hunter Now Closed Beta

How about an AR game? Pokemon GOBut.. monster hunter? Announced earlier today by Pokemon GO Developer Niantic is exactly that: Monster Hunter Now! Pairing the miracle of monster hunterThe series of monsters with Niantic’s augmented reality technology has more than proven itself in, Monster Hunter Now is imminent, with a closed beta starting in just one week on April 25th. How can you register for the? Monster Hunter Now Beta?

How to sign up Monster Hunter Now Closed Beta

To register for the closed beta, you must fill out a form on the Monster Hunter Now website here. You will need to provide your email address and some personal information, as well as your device type monster hunter Game Experience Level.

How do I know if I can get into the Monster Hunter Now Beta?

You will know if you received an email from Niantic after you signed up. Notifications go out on April 25th. The beta test is capped at 10,000 players, so you’ll be one of the lucky few when it happens.

It’s important to note that the game’s beta testing progress doesn’t carry over into the final release, so it’s worth playing the beta to get a little taste, not to give other players a head start. The beta version will support English and Japanese.

The fully released game will be available for iOS and Android through the App Store and Google Play. Monster Hunter Now promises to bring the Monster Hunter fantasy to life and connect players with their Palico in the real world.

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While many can probably attest hundreds if not thousands of hours over time monster hunter franchise, Niantic promises a good time for fans and newcomers alike, add to: “Monster Hunter Now will be the ultimate experience for anyone who has dreamed of facing off against epic monsters and fighting them with friends.”

We can’t wait to get our hands on the augmented reality game. Stay tuned with us as we get closer Monster Hunter Now Closed beta testing and official release.

Feature image via Niantic.

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