How to Skip the AA Gun Sequence

The Resident Evil 4 make new has many high-octane action sequences and some of them also have some unique workarounds that require thinking outside the box. These may not be the best for the first playthrough, but they can save time on replays or for speedruns. One such example is the Anti-Aircraft Gun (AA). skip that appears in Chapter 15.

After meeting Mike and working with him to clear out a few groups of enemies, a large anti-aircraft turret will rise from a building and start firing at your chopper buddy. The typical solution is to fight your way through all the enemies in the area and destroy them with a mounted machine gun. However, a few faster methods can achieve the same result much faster. How to skip the AA Gun sequence in Resident Evil 4.

How to destroy the AA tower with grenades

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A workaround, and probably the more viable option for players, is to use grenades. This can be achieved through the use of regularly grenades or Heavy shells.

The latter usually gets the job done quicker, although it also depends on where the grenades land. A grenade that explodes on the outside will deal less damage than one that lands closer to the center.

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If you’re trying to do this as quickly as possible, all you have to do is move forward and then throw grenades at the big turret. The angle isn’t the best, so the number of shells you need may not be constant.

Expect two to three heavy shells to do the trick, or a mix of one heavy shell and one to two normal shells. You will know if damage has been done when black smoke billows out.

You can increase your chances of landing the grenades closer if you position yourself almost directly under the concrete lip above the door. That angle makes it even more difficult to tell, but if you aim to just clear the roof, it’s more likely that two or even a single heavy shell will destroy the flak.

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For those who travel professionally and try to conserve their grenades, there’s a better place to throw. Jump off the bridge and go through the tunnel area on the right. This leads to a ladder that takes you behind the building where the AA Cannon is built.

There’s no annoying concrete to block your aim, and this side is a bit higher too. Throwing it from this side practically guarantees that a single heavy grenade will solve the problem. The only problems with this approach are that it takes a bit longer (though still faster than normal) and you trigger the first group of enemies.

How to Destroy the AA Tower with a Rocket Launcher

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By far the fastest method is to use a rocket launcher. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a disposable item that you bought from the retailer or from the Infinite Rocket Launcher from a New Game+ run, all you have to do is aim and fire a single missile to destroy that pesky obstacle.

Not every speedrun has room to buy a rocket launcher, and the pesetas it takes to buy a disposable rocket launcher are probably better spent on other things when you’re trying to get one Rank S+ in a professional run. For those who just want to blow things up and have fun, this is the quickest way to bypass the sequence.

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Whichever method you use, you’ll need to go to the giant gate afterwards to get Mike to blow it up. There might be some enemies in your rear, but it will help you save a lot of time and maybe even some ammo in the long run.

Keep these methods in mind and you’ll easily be able to skip the AA gun sequence in the Resident Evil 4 Make new. From other sequence jumps such Skip opening village battle for the 24 island treasure locationswith us you will find everything you need Resident Evil 4 Redesign the guide hub.

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