How to Skip the Dynamite Room

Skip the dynamite room Resident Evil 4 make new is one of the more interesting mysteries uncovered by players fighting through multiple runs. If you’re aiming for S+ rank – or even one of the lower ranks on a later playthrough – you’ll need all the time you can get. Knowing how to skip such sequences becomes important.

At the start of Chapter 11, a large rock face will block your path, and a nearby file will lead you to an adjacent room in the mines. There you will find a bunch of dynamite and lots of enemies. This little bundle of explosives isn’t the only way to get past the wall, though. How to skip the Dynamite Room in RE4 make new.

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Explained skipping the dynamite room in RE4 Remake

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The secret to skipping the dynamite room is to replace one explosive with another – namely a rocket launcher.

It doesn’t matter if it is Infinite Rocket Launcher or the disposable type bought from the dealer. All it takes is one shot to destroy the rock face in front of you.

Similar to using dynamite, it’s important to keep some distance between yourself and the rocks. A Rocket Launcher missile will also make the rock face tumble towards you. If you don’t run backwards or into the side tunnel, they will likely kill you.

It’s worth mentioning Grenades don’t work for this trick. For some, the cost of a disposable rocket launcher may not compare to the time saved here. But for others who don’t want to fight a horde of Ganados (including some with chainsaws), this skip trick will come in handy for multiple playthroughs.

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Bring a rocket launcher with you on your next trip through the mines and you can use the dynamite room in the Resident Evil 4 make new. For other fun sequence jumps, including the open village battle in the first chapter and the AA rifle in chapter 15 feel free to browse our collection of Resident Evil 4 Leader.

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