How to Tame All Animals in Smalland: Survive the Wilds

The animals inside Smalland: Survive the wilderness are mostly giant insects. Some can be tamed and used as mounts for more efficient terrain exploration. Our guide will give you tips on how to tame all animals Smalland: Survive the wilderness.

How to tame all animals in Smalland

Only five animal species can currently be tamed Smalland: Survive the wildernessincluding:

  • grasshopper
  • Damselfly
  • wolf spider
  • gecko
  • ladybug

Note that Ladybug cannot be used as a mount, but serves as valuable additional storage.

If you want to tame any of them or even all of them you have to follow the following steps:

  1. argue with the animal you want to tame.
  2. Exhaust yours Health gauge below 50%.
  3. Once the taming prompt appears on the screen, press the “F” key..
  4. Give the tamed animal a special reward, which completes the taming process. Each animal requires a different treat, including:
    • grasshopper: 3 insect eggs, 1 petal, 2 seed oils.
    • Damselfly: 3 firefly juices, 1 petal, 2 seed oils.
    • wolf spider: 1 grasshopper leg, 2 spider eyes, 3 insect wings, 1 petal, 2 seed oils.
    • gecko: 2 ant heads, 2 bee heads, 1 petal, 2 seed oils.
    • ladybug: 3 edible mushrooms, 2 nectar, 5 fibers.

Note that the animal won’t be tamed unless you provide it with its special treat, so you’ll need to be prepared. That’s all you need to know about how to tame all animals Smalland: Survive the wildernessand stay tuned for more related guides.

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