How to Unlock All Characters in Mercenaries

If you hit Resident Evil 4 make newthere’s still fun outside of New Game+ and beyond Peerless Agent in professional mode. That’s where Mercenaries mode comes in – and it brings loads of action to the table. But you may be wondering how to unlock all characters in Mercenaries so you have a better chance Achieve S++ rank in mode. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Unlock All Characters in RE4 Remake Mercenaries Mode

Unlock all characters in RE4Mercenary mode is pretty basic and only requires you to complete stages of a certain rank.

  • Leon S Kennedy: activated at the beginning.
  • Louis Serra: Achieve rank A on each stage with Leon.
  • Jack Krauser: Achieve A rank with Luis on each stage.
  • Piece: Achieve rank A on every stage with Krauser.

This is how you get an A rank at every level in Mercenary mode

Reaching A rank to unlock all characters in Mercenary mode means getting at least 100,000 points on a level. This may sound harsh, but there are some tricks to it.

Mercenary Mode is all about earning points quickly and efficiently. You play as one of the characters available above, each with a unique ability that can help take down wave after wave across different maps.

You’ll want to rack up high combos while using each character’s Mayhem ability to boost your score – while killing every enemy at every level.

Each of the playable characters in Mercenaries are good at different things:

  • Leon is an all-rounder
  • Luis shines at a distance
  • Krauser dominates at close range
  • Hunk, who only has one weapon, can activate Mayhem mode for infinite ammo and has a melee attack that kills in a single hit.
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Choosing the right stage to complement each character’s abilities and your own playstyle is a must and will make your life that much easier. Be sure to experiment if you’re having trouble, and Check out our Mercenaries Stages guide for additional tips.

And that’s all when it comes to unlocking all the characters Resident Evil 4 Remake‘s Mercenaries mode. More on this Resident Evil 4 RemakeBe sure to check out our Advice Hub.

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