How to Unlock Mad Chainsaw Mode

With the Resident Evil 4 Remake Chainsaw Demo out, players had the opportunity to progress through the iconic first village segment. As difficult as it feels, there’s a much more challenging mode hidden inside. How to unlock Mad Chainsaw mode in Resident Evil 4 Demo.

What is Mad Chainsaw mode?

Mad Chainsaw mode is an exclusive difficulty setting/mode playable in the demo. The special thing about it is the following:

  • A life without checkpoints
  • Enemies are stronger
  • Opponent placements have changed
  • An updated version of Dr. Salvador (the chainsaw man)

Life’s limitation means you really only have one chance. If you die you have to go back to the main menu. The dying is more than expected as the enemies are much more menacing.

You’ll have more health and you’ll need your knife to break out of any grabs – they’ll kill you before you can smash your way out. Some of their placements are also different and you will find yourself surrounded much sooner than you would think.

If you make it to the village section, you will see the most notable change. dr Salvador now has a different design and a flaming chainsaw. Our guide for kill the chainsaw man on standard difficulty applies here too, but you should expect him to be able to pocket a lot more shotguns and most grenades you can find.

How to unlock Mad Chainsaw mode in RE4 demo

Screenshot of GameSkinny

As it currently stands, there doesn’t seem to be a way to trigger it voluntarily. The chance to take over the mode will appear randomly when you click New Game. Players encounter it after their first playthrough, which feels appropriate considering so many then lose on the first enemy encounter.

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A screen will appear asking if you want to accept the challenge of this extreme difficulty. It also notes that this mode only applies to the upcoming playthrough, and that players will have to “wait for the Mad Chainsaw mode to trigger again” to experience it more. Since you’re taken to the main menu upon death in this mode, it means you’ll have to start a new game over and over until the chance returns.

This mode is also an exclusive offer for the demo and is not intended to be offered in the full version. It remains to be seen if a similar difficulty level will be available or if this scarier version of Dr. Salvador will be present after the start of the game on March 24, 2023.

That covers how to unlock the Mad Chainsaw mode in the Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Demo. If you need more tips for the demo or the upcoming full version, check out ours Resident Evil 4 Leader.

Recommended screenshot from GameSkinny

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