How to Use Memory Bubbles in Honkai Star Rail

I feel like Honkai Starrail throws a lot at you between its chaotic intro and the sprawling universe presented in the first few hours. And it’s easy to overlook things. One of the weirder aspects you will come across is memory bubbles. These special items may not seem interactable at first, but I can tell you that is not the case. How to use memory bubbles in Honkai Starrail.

Honkai Star Rail Memory Bubbles explained

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Memory Bubbles appear as floating blue balls in the Herta space station. They can be found as early as The trip goes on Trailblaze mission where you leave the station, although they only appeared to me after completing a few adventure missions (side quests).

If you’ve heard about these bubbles but can’t seem to find them, I suggest completing this Simulated Universe: Second Closed Beta and then the multipart path to revival adventure missions. They should appear after these are done.

How to use memory bubbles

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Your first interaction with a memory bubble will result in a message stating that nothing happened and that you should ask someone for information. That’s not a huge indication, but there’s only one entity on the ship that seems to know more than everyone else – and that is herta.

Not all of Herta’s puppets offer the same dialogue, but at least a few will talk about the bubbles after you interact with one. A doll conveniently located near a memory bubble is in the Master Control Zonejust left of the Central passageway anchor.

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The image above shows where on the map to find the bubble, while the Herta doll can be found at the top of the nearby stairs.

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Talk to her and she will make you sign an agreement before she explains it Reminder bubbles work similarly to cones of light and carry memories.

After this dialog you can walk and interact with all the memory bubbles that you see. Each represents a different reminder presented with a blank screen and a text dialog. See it through to the end and you will be received 1000 credits.

Follow these simple steps and you’re ready to use the Memory Bubbles in Honkai Starrail. If you’re looking for more content to help you on your groundbreaking journey, e.g how to reroll or how to complete the hide and seek questcheck out our extension Honkai Starrail leads hub.

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