Is Final Fantasy 16 Open World? Answered

The final fantasy The series is known for having large, explorable areas that are often restricted behind as you progress. While the games tend to offer non-linear progression where you can ignore the main story for side quests, ride chocobos, or hunt down big, bad monsters, they’re not truly open-world titles (if we’re not counting Final Fantasy 15, Naturally). However, you may be wondering whether Final Fantasy 16 is an open world. Here is the answer.

Will Final Fantasy 16 have an open world?

Unlike the previous series entry Final Fantasy 15, FF16 is not an open world. While it doesn’t force players to progress through the story in a linear fashion, they are restricted to specific, segmented areas in the overarching game world of Valisthea.

You can explore a Sahara-like desert on foot or by chocobo. You’ll visit desert oasis towns, explore Clive’s childhood castle in a fully playable flashback, and hunt for monsters in story-connected dungeons.

As seen in the FF16 PAX East trailerthere are great ruins, pristine rivers of blue and green, lush vegetation and a great city amidst cornfields.

How big will the Final Fantasy 16 map be?

While FF16 will not have an open-world design, the full extent of the playable area is difficult to estimate. It has been said the card for Final Fantasy 16 at least will have four sections of 2 km x 2 km, brings the revealed realm into line with FF15Map size from .

Although only four areas have revealed their measurements, that doesn’t mean these are the only areas accessible in the game. There are wars in six countries FF16therefore smaller maps increasing the overall size could be a possibility.

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Until we get our hands on FF16 to see how the map is evolving, or get more detailed info from the developers, we can’t say if Final Fantasy 16 has more areas to explore or a larger map size.

But that answers the question of whether Final Fantasy 16 will have an open world. Stay tuned to learn more FF16, especially as we get closer to the June 22nd release.

Featured image via Square Enix.

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