Is Minecraft Legends Co-Op? Full Details

Minecraft Games tend to let you play with your friends. The series may have a long history of cooperative play, but it is Minecraft Legends also cooperative? Being able to play with others can be a great selling point for any game, but it can make your campaign against the Piglins that little bit easier if you have the extra help. Here are the full details too MC legends Cooperative.

Does Minecraft Legends have co-op multiplayer? answered

Does Minecraft Legends have co-op multiplayer? Yes, MC legends not only has multiplayer co-op but also features full cross-platform play between PC, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox platforms. You can party with anyone, no matter what platform you play on.

How many players does MC Legends Co-Op support?

The MC legends cooperative Campaign allows up to four players to team up

Does MC Legends have split-screen couch co-op?

unfortunately, Minecraft Legends does not support split-screen couch co-op. The only way to play with others is online.

How to invite friends to play co-op in MC Legends

To invite friends MC legends Co-op, you have to have your friends’ account names or already have them in your friends list so you can add them to the lobby.

When you continue a campaign or start a new one, you enter a lobby where you can add friends, which you can see in the lower right corner of your screen.

when you go add friendsa screen will appear showing you all the friends you have online at the time or giving you the option to find friends.

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Hosting a Co-op Game:

  • Select Campaign or Myths & Legends
  • Set the mode to Friends or Invitation Only
  • Access the friends screen from the command prompt at the bottom right of the screen
  • Choose up to three friends and invite them to your lobby
  • Start the game!
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If you have your game set to Friends, other players can join your co-op campaign at any time after the game has started while you are playing. If you have your game set to “Invitation Only”, “Friends can only join if you invite them.

In Myths & Legends, You cannot join an ongoing campaign. You must log in to the lobby to play Myths & Legends with friends.

Join a co-op game:

  • Go to the Friends menu
  • Select the friend currently in game
  • Decide to join

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Important notes on co-op progression and difficulty

Progress in the co-op campaign only counts towards the host’s game. So if you complete a campaign as part of someone else’s game and return to your own campaign, the progress is not transferred to your game.

Difficulty does not scale with multiplayer. Any difficulty you choose stays the same whether you’re solo or with friends, so even higher difficulties are much easier with more players as they don’t scale to accommodate more players in the game.

With that, you’re ready to fight the Piglins together Minecraft Legends Cooperative. You can find more content in our Minecraft Legends guide hub and learning how to use each golem type and how find unlockable mounts.

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