Is Path of Exile Crossplay? Answered

Is way of exile Crossplay has been a concern for many gamers for some time. The popular free-to-play RPG is available on PC, Mac, Xbox One, and PS4, and while the player base is sizable, having a larger pool of players to party with only makes things better. So can you hack and slash with fans on other platforms?

Does Path of Exile have crossplay?

The short answer to whether way of exile Has crossplay or not, no: way of exile does not provide crossplay support between PC, PlayStation or Xbox.

Technically, however, there is a crease to note. Those playing on PC and Mac can join each other’s parties or invite their friends to the multiplayer game. Despite the differences in operating systems and builds, the Mac is a personal computer at a very basic level, just like anything from Alienware, Corsair or MSI, so it makes sense that the two would be crossplay compatible.

Indeed, PlayStation and Xbox players must stick with their respective platforms’ comrades. Crossplay is not supported between PlayStation and Xbox or from console to PC or Mac.

Role-playing games of this type also often take different approaches to crossplay. For example both pillars of eternity And divinity original sin 2 adopt attitudes similar to way of exilewhich separates the functionality of PC and Mac players from that on the console.

None of this is to mention that the console and PC versions of way of exile are different, making crossplay implementation difficult at best.

That answers the question of whether Path of Exile has crossplay or not. For more information, see our PoE leads hub.

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