Is Sons of the Forest on PlayStation 4 or PS5?

sons of the forest is the new hot topic currently available on PC in Steam Early Access. The survival horror sim caught the attention of the masses and quickly became one of the most watched things on Twitch and garnered whopping 400,000+ players just a few hours after launch. With all the hype, you might be wondering if sons of the forest comes for PlayStation 4 or PS5.

Will Sons of the Forest come to PlayStation? — replied

The quick answer to whether or not sons of the forest will be on PS4 or PS5… maybe. Upon its Early Access launch on February 23, 2023, Sons of the Forest will not be available on PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo platforms. It is only available on PC via Steam Early Access. Sorry, Epic Games users and Game Pass subscribers.

However, there is a possibility that sons of the forest will find its way to PlayStation consoles in the future. Not only developer Endnight Games said that It is very interested in bringing the survival game to consoles at an unspecified date, but the predecessor too sons of the forestsimply called The forestwhich was released on PlayStation 4 back in 2018.

However, this game spent four years in Early Access, reaching 1.0 on PC in early 2018 before releasing on console in late 2018. Against this background, it may take some time sons of the forest eventually makes its way to PlayStation platforms, and if it does, it might only be for PS5, not PlayStation 4.

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Until sons of the forest gets a PS5 release date, you’ll need to play the game on PC, where it’s currently available for $29.99. If you pick it up there, you should definitely do it Visit our survival hub for more tips.

Featured image via Endnight Games.

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