Is Steam Down Right Now? Answered

When you try to log into Steam and keep getting slow loading times or some error codes including the E20 Authentication error, you might be wondering if Steam is down right now. There can be various causes for Steam connection problems and failures. Typically, however, it’s one of two things.

Steam Server Status: Are Steam Servers Down?

First, is Steam down right now?

  • Away April 25, 2023at 7:25 p.m. EST., Steam is not down.

Server status seems to have stabilized for most users and Valve’s storefront and application seem to be working more or less normally. At the moment, Steam is not down for most users.

down detector gives less than 1,200 reports from users across the network. A Steam outage occurred for some users around 6:00pm EST, injecting more than 60,000 outage reports. You can View the Steam outage report here.

During the Steam downtime on April 25th, users reported that they encountered several network issues, including annoying “Could not connect to network” errors. However, it seems that these problems were relatively sporadic at worst.

SteamTuesday Maintenance

It’s important to remember Valve typically conducts routine Steam maintenance on Tuesdays, which shuts down the system for a short time before booting it back up. In other words, expect Steam not connecting on Tuesday evenings (EST)/Tuesday afternoons (PDT) on a regular basis.

How long does Steam maintenance usually take? valve advises that Steam maintenance times are typically less than an hour. In these circumstances, it’s best to wait a few moments before attempting to log in again.

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An influx of users due to a sale or promotion

Steam not connecting or having server issues can also be related to a heavy influx of users during a sale or promotion. Anyone who tried to log in during this time any Steam Sale knows that there are regular outages at the start of these events.

While not that common, from time to time, with major game releases, you may experience an inability to connect to the Steam network or find that Steam is offline.

Of course, it’s always good to check your internet connection and go through typical troubleshooting tips to make sure there aren’t any connection issues on your end, especially outside of regular maintenance hours.

But for now, that answers the question of whether Steam is currently unavailable or not. No it is not. We’ll update this article with more information once things are settled.

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