King of Fighters Launches Mobile Title King of Fighters: Survival City

king of fighters continues to fight in mobile space than King of Fighters: Survival City from the publisher JOYCITY starts today on Android and iOS. As a “survival brawler,” the game takes on battles and adds some strategy in an MMO setting.

Summon fighters like Kyo Kusanagi, Mai Shiranui, Maxima and more as they immerse themselves in the story of K’. NESTS, the company that strives to create genetically enhanced fighters, plays an important role throughout the game. While it is known that K’ reluctantly fights NESTS, this deep dive into his story might shed more light.

Each character comes complete with their own movesets and unique dialogue. Fight alongside others from around the world against NESTS agents, cyborgs and renegade fighters; or compete against other players in PvP instead. Finding allies and putting together different strategies is necessary to defeat everything the NESTS Syndicate throws at you.

A fully realized king of fighters theme world, fans of the franchise will indulge in nostalgia. First debuting in arcades in 1994, the SNK game has been a staple of the fighting genre, but has branched out into other realms in recent years as the franchise has evolved. More on this king of fighterscheck out our various game pages and stay tuned for more news and updates King of Fighters: Survival City.

Featured image via JOYCITY

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