Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe Onion Ocean Energy Sphere Locations

onion ocean one Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe proves that water levels in platform games don’t have to be the worst. And if you’re feeling motivated to go back and get all the Onion Ocean Energy Spheres, you can consult this guide to get them all.

All locations of the Onion Ocean Energy Sphere

There are 16 energy orbs in the four stages of Onion Ocean. Here’s where to find each sphere, broken down by tier.

Level 3-1 energy orbs

There are three energy orbs that you can find in the first phase of Onion Ocean.

3-1 Sphere 1

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At the start of this phase there will be a spot where you need to press a switch to set a raft in motion. To get this orb you must have the tornado copy skill. On the raft, break the bomb block as soon as it appears overhead. This will reveal a secret red star door.

Inside is a key. Grab it and drop to two switches. Be quick! Beat them and run up the platforms they spawn before the timer runs out. Use the key on the top ledge to open the door where you can now claim the orb.

3-1 spheres 2 and 3

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The second two spheres in 3-1 are a reward for defeating a Sphere Doomer miniboss. At the end of the Snow Ball’s special abilities section, make sure to destroy the sandcastle with your snowball. This will open the portal to the last two spheres.

Level 3-2 energy orbs

In the second phase of Onion Ocean, four energy spheres must be tracked down.

3-2 Sphere 1

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After defeating the Sir Kibble mini-boss, pick up his Cutter ability. On the next screen you will see the orb below you, unreachable. Keep going until you find a platform attached to a rope that you can cut. Drop this in the water and you can now swim back to the first ball of the level.

3-2 Sphere 2

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Grab the spear ability from the bee warriors in the next underwater section. When you see a hidden switch in a gap, you’ll find that you can only hit it with the spear. This will reveal a hidden door and a room full of bomb blocks. Destroy them to access the next energy sphere.

3-2 Sphere 3

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This orb is in the section where you stomp on enemies with a spiked boot. Towards the end of this section, you’ll see three red enemies, all lined up in the air like a staircase, leading to a ledge.

Jump off all three to reach the higher platform where a golden block is waiting for you to break with the boot. Breaking it open will open a red star door that will take you straight to the third sphere of 3-2.

3-2 Sphere 4

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The last sphere is the hardest to miss. While dodging the eels in the next underwater section, you’ll see him hiding over a few blocks. Break the blocks under the sphere to get in, but don’t let the eel below eat you.

Level 3-3 energy orbs

In the third stage of Onion Ocean there are four energy orbs to grab.

3-3 Sphere 1

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Get the Stone ability after defeating Moundo in a mini boss fight. On the right, a hunk of meat hovers over three floating star blocks. Get on top of them and attack with the rock to sink to the bottom of the area and find the orb’s hideout.

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3-3 Sphere 2

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In the next area of ​​the level you will reach a part where you are at the top of the screen. You then have to choose between three paths down, but only one of them will lead you to the energy sphere. You can only guess once here, or you’ll have to start the whole level over to get the orb, so make it count!

Select the switch on the far right and take that path down. This will lead you to the second sphere.

3-3 spheres 3 and 4

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During the Monster Flame section at the end of the stage, look out for a large ship with a squid peeping out from under it. Notice how the octopus sticks its head out and when it uses your monster flame.

This will create a portal that will take you to a Sphere Doomer. Defeating this sub-boss will reward you with the last two spheres of the stage.

Level 3-4 energy orbs

In the fourth and final non-boss phase of Onion Ocean, five energy orbs must be collected.

3-4 Sphere 1

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Towards the end of the spinning, spiked obstacles section, you’ll see a red starry door. Navigate around one of the spinning spikes to be able to bombard the entrance to the door. If you want, you can get a sword skill here.

In the door, the orb is behind a locked door and there is a puzzle to get the key. You’ll want to hit the red switch on the ground first to drop the enemies. Then you should pull the blue ceiling switch to make the key and fruits fall. Make sure you jump over the red switch on your way to the key or it will fall in the water and you’ll have to start this room over.

3-4 Sphere 2

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At one point you will see a red starry door. Inside is a healing candy. You can get that if you want, but make sure to also check out the suspicious-looking seaweed-covered rock on the opposite side of a pillar from the door. You can enter a secret door here that will lead you to a room where the energy orb is waiting at the top.

3-4 Sphere 3

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Next, run away from a spiked ball. Look for an unbreakable (by Kirby) wall of steel blocks. Wait for the spike ball to roll through the blocks and reveal the next energy ball.

3-4 Sphere 4

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The next platform section gives you bombs to carry through sections to avoid enemies for the bombs to detonate a golden block. If you can carry the second bomb through the second half of this area, you can reach a wall of gold blocks and blast it. Behind it is a 1up and the ball.

3-4 Sphere 5

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During the eels section at the end of the stage, you need a spear power-up. At one point you can branch off and go up instead of going forward. Up here you’ll find the orb behind a block with a bomb block inside that you can only hit with a spear. Avoid the eels and get your reward.

These are the locations of all 16 Onion Ocean Energy Spheres. For more Energy Sphere Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe For help-related tips and tricks, see our others Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe Leader.

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