Like a Dragon: Ishin! All Fish Locations

There are 19 fish in it Like a dragon: Goods!, and they’re scattered across four different fishing spots. Some you can catch just by casting a line, while others require special bait. But whether you’re fishing the Uji River or the Fishing Banks, it helps to know what you’re looking for. Here is a list of all the fish in Like a dragon: War!, sorted by how they appear in your inventory and where you can catch them.

There are four fishing spots in Like a dragon: Goods!:

  • The Uji River in Fushimi (south of Teradaya)
  • The Kamo River in Mukurogai
  • The Fish Banks
  • The east coast

The Fishing Banks and East Coast are sea fishing spots and provide access to different fish than the rivers. For sea fishing, chat to the man in the straw hat standing in front of a boat just down the stairs south of Teradaya.

Like a dragon: Ishin! All fish locations

  • crawfish — Uji River, Kamo River
  • white bait — Fish Banks, East Coast
  • offense – fishing benches
  • blowfish – fishing benches
  • Crucian — Uji River, Kamo River
  • sweet fish — Kamo River
  • Octopus – fishing benches
  • freshwater eel — YOU
  • Electric Catfish — Uji River, Kamo River
  • Threadsail Filefish — Fish Banks, East Coast
  • Tiger Shrimp – fishing benches
  • carp — Uji River
  • Common Octopus — fishing benches
  • conger eel – east coast
  • scorpion fish – fishing benches
  • Right-Eyed Flounder — east coast
  • softshell turtle — Uji River
  • spider crab – east coast
  • Nishikigoi — Uji River
  • rainbow trout – Uji River, Kamo River
  • Salmon – Uji River, Kamo River
  • Japanese Puffer — fishing benches
  • Great White Shark – east coast
  • sea ​​bream — fishing benches
  • Gourami — Kamo River
  • marlin — east coast
  • ghost koi Uji River
  • Bluefin Tuna – east coast
  • Oarfish — east coast
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Keep in mind that some fish are rare and will only appear if you sprinkle quality bait. If you’re not sure what to look for, select “About Fishing” (or whatever type that takes you to sea fishing) from the fishing spot you’re at to get a full list of fish in a specific place and what to look for to see to catch them. Have fun fishing!

That’s enough for the fish locations in Like a dragon: Goods!. Check out our other for more information on the game Like a dragon: Goods! Leader.

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