Lords of the Fallen Technical Showcase Trailer Reveals Some Impressive Graphical Technology

During a GDC showcase yesterday, publisher CI Games uploaded a new technical showcase trailer for its upcoming action RPG Lords of the Fallen. Not to be confused with the original from 2014, Lords of the Fallen is the lengthy sequel, due out later this year on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. As it stands, it will be one of the first games on the market to take full advantage of Unreal Engine 5’s unique features.

While there isn’t much gameplay here, the graphics on display look pretty impressive. An interesting feature in Lords of the Fallen will be his character creator. With the help of Hexworks, a small studio founded in 2020, CI Games was able to incorporate 3D scans of real people to take its character creator to ever greater heights. With this technology and the built-in features of UE5, players will get closer to the replica than ever before.

At the same time, we received some additional information on how this sequel will go beyond the original. The game world is more connected than before and will be about five times larger than in the first game. UE5 also allows players to switch between two different worlds without long waits, keeping them engaged in the action for a long time.

A lot of this is just a bunch of platitudes, but it seems like it Lords of the Fallen will be a big leap over its predecessor. The game will be released sometime later this year and is wishlistable on all platforms.

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