Meet Your Maker Building Guide: Outpost Tips and Tricks

Establishment of outposts in Meet your maker is a central part of the gameplay loop, and mastering it is key to progressing and leveling up. Building a base can be a bit overwhelming at first as there are various things to consider such as: fall and manipulate the path of the harvester. However, the tips and tricks in the building guide below should help you turn an outpost into a dungeon no raider can escape from.

Tips for building your outpost in Meet Your Maker.

Building outposts is half of that Meet your maker Experience. If you claim a tomb and build a base, other players can ambush you and, if built correctly, die leaving behind helpful materials. Outposts also allow you to passively siphon GenMat for a period of time.

Each base has a specific GenMat, which is identified by its advisor icon when claiming a tomb. You can have up to five active outposts at a time, so they’re worth investing in and building.

Building a base that kills attackers efficiently takes time, but is crucial to gathering more materials for the Chimera. After the base kills enough attackers, you can do this Prestige your base. As you level up your base, more resources become available to you, allowing you to upgrade your traps and guards while also replenishing the number of materials it can passively receive.

Pay attention to the outpost resources

Each outpost has a number of objects that can be used, identified by the capacity number. These limits can vary, but typically range from 750 to 4,500 total capacity points. This is important when creating a path to your genmat.

You can see this number when you want to claim your first burial site to create an outpost. It’s right under the Outpost name. Each object, such as traps, guards, and mods, has a different cost that you see on the build tabs in build mode.

You’ll also see the number of points you’ve used and how many are left in build mode in the upper-right part of the screen.

Use trap mods and guard mods

Each trap or guard in your outpost has a set of 4 mods that can be unlocked for it. These mods do different things for different traps and guards. Take the Corrosive Block for example. With a few mods, this simple transparent stationary trap can turn into an opaque block that will explode if anything hits it.

Guards can also be modded. Some explode shortly after being killed to catch attackers off guard, while others bolster the guard’s defenses by giving them armor that can only be destroyed by heavier weapons.

Building chaos is good

Using an irregular design can surprise many attackers and leave them open to easy kills. Try to make sharp turns on the harvester path and make the corridors narrow and claustrophobic to restrict players’ movement.

You can then fill those tight areas with traps and guards, forcing players to wage war just to get to the GenMat, earning you plenty of easy initial kills. Hold:

  • Build traps on angles. Take advantage of raider line of sight by placing a floor trap at an angle. They may be looking ahead or up – not down. You can even Use the red warning signal Players get when they are in danger to your advantage. Placing multiple traps at opposite angles can potentially disorient attackers and confuse them as to which direction is truly safe.
  • Cover traps with decorations. Some building blocks make traps obvious (a dark trap on a white block is a sure sign). Try building traps into darker blocks or ones with decorations to confuse attackers.
  • Create killing rooms. A set of well-placed traps can force attackers to run forward through areas instead of backwards – and you can lead them into a kill room full of guards placed at different heights and distances. Put some invisible floor tiles or corrosive blocks around and they’re likely to run into those when trying to escape projectiles.
  • Use the second phase sensibly. Once attackers have the GenMat, make their escape more difficult by placing traps along the exit path. Placing second stage traps in the same location as first stage traps can also lull attackers into a sense of security. To be really devilish, you could place hidden traps right by the GenMat that will spawn once it’s taken.
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Test your base: think like a raider

Screenshot of GameSkinny

Use the mindset of a raider when building your outpost Meet your maker. That way, you might be able to outwit them. Setting an Impaler Trap on the ground right after a ramp can usually catch players off guard, giving you an easy kill.

Also test your base often. Meet your maker you can seamlessly test the build you create at any time. Use this to play through your base as a raider and see how your path and traps work together.

Learn from replays and death tags

Building the perfect base in Meet your maker is difficult. However, you can learn things by watching other players raid your base. You may find that traps can be placed more efficiently when you see attackers running past them, or you may notice a secret back entrance that allows attackers to bypass your guards – and you can seal it to prevent enemy players from easily Earn GenMat points.

Deathmarks are also an easy way to see which traps should stay and which should go. If there are a lot of tags in one area, you should probably leave that part of your base the same. If there are little to no tags, it’s time to reconsider this route.

And be sure to return to your base to pick up Death Tokens, which often contain materials and parts dropped by dead attackers.

These are the top tips and tricks to keep in mind when building a base Meet your maker. Use these to build an outpost the Chimera can be proud of. Go to our Meet your maker instructions page for more.

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