Meet Your Maker: How to Prestige

Meet your maker offers multiple progression systems, with the prestige system only applying to your outposts. This doesn’t apply to your character at all. However, before you can prestige a base, there are a few things you need to do. This guide contains all the information you need.

Get to know your Maker Prestige system explained

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Pure for prestige Meet your maker, you must first build and activate an outpost. To activate an outpost, you must claim a tomb in the command center.

In the Command Center, go to the Build option. From there you can Acquire tombs with different starting capacities using Synthite.

After building your outpost, open the game menu. There will be four options:

  • Active
  • overdrive
  • Inactive
  • Social

To achieve Outpost progress, choose either the Active or Overdrive option, Then exit the outpost by holding down the button you used to open the menu. Now wait for other players to come across your outpost.

Each level requires a certain number of points. Prestige points are accumulated for each player killed and each award given.

To gain prestige, return to your outpost from the Command Center’s Build menu. Open the menu and then switch to the Prestige tab. If you have enough points, you can upgrade your outpost with synthites, with each level gradually requiring more synthites.

it is crucial Prestige Points stack even as you deplete your common materials. For example, you could end up creating a deadly outpost that accumulates 800 points in a day. That’s enough points to upgrade multiple times in a row. You may see an icon like +2 or +4 in the prestige menu. This is how many times you can upgrade with your current points.

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The benefits of prestige

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What exactly is the purpose of prestiging? Each level grants players experience points and increases the outpost’s construction capacity. This means that even the smallest tombs can easily reach capacities of up to 2,000 or more. This becomes even more useful for the already larger tombs to create incredibly sprawling outposts.

As an added bonus, you should gain prestige before your outpost is depleted, which occurs 12 hours after activation. Depletion of the outpost means no more GenMats can be won. Prestiging before Exhaustion grants a 15% bonus on top of the current GenMat pool.

And that’s what you need to know in order to get your outpost in prestige Meet your maker. For more like that best traps for your baseclick the link or Check out our Guides command center!

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