Microsoft is Bringing Minecraft: Bedrock Edition to Chromebooks

if you thought Minecraft couldn’t be more accessible, Microsoft is here to prove there are always more ways to play. The company is working with Mojang to release an Early Access version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on Chromebooks.

The Bedrock edition will be available on Chromebook laptops, but there are some minimum requirements to play.

ChromeOS minimum requirements:

  • operating system: Chrome OS 111
  • system architecture: 64-bit (x86_64, arm64-v8a)
  • processor: Intel Celeron N4500, Intel i3-7130U, Mediatek MT8183, Qualcomm SC7180, AMD Ryzen 3 3250C or better
  • Storage: 4GB of RAM
  • storage: At least 1 GB game installation, maps and other files

The Early Access version can only be purchased from the Google Play Store if you meet the minimum requirements, and it is there three purchase options currently available:

  • Chromebook + Android Bundle: $19.99
    • This release includes both Chromebook and Android versions of Minecraft.
  • Android: $6.99
    • The Android version of Minecraft.
  • Upgrade from Andriod: $13.00
    • Upgrade to Chromebook Edition. Prior purchase of Android edition is required.

The Minecraft: Bedrock Edition for ChromeOS, Mojang’s spirit of community building will remain true through games with cross-play enabled, the ability to play on realms and access to them Minecraft marketplace. When the Chromebook edition is fully released, the upcoming Traces & Stories Update will also be made available to players.

There is no official release date for the full version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition for Chromebook, but you can stay tuned with us as we keep up with all the exciting developments Mojang has to offer.

Feature image via Mojang.

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