Mighty DOOM Best Weapons Tier List

There are 18 weapons in it Mighty DOOM, including some of the most iconic weapons from franchise history. You can choose two weapons for each mini-slayer, and our guide provides you with a ranking of the best weapons Mighty DOOM.

Powerful DOOM: S tier weapons

Super shotgun

  • Type: Double-barreled shotgun

The legendary “SSG” from the start DOOM Game is back in the mobile version of the Mighty DOOM.

It’s basically a combat shotgun with the same ammo but with double the damage, which just lets you kill those pesky demons twice as fast. Keep in mind that this is a melee weapon that has quite a recoil.


Unmaker, also known as Unmaykr, is considered the most powerful weapon in the series and continues to be so.

It fires a series of lasers in rapid succession in three directions, intimidating any monster or demon susceptible to plasma damage. The weapon can be upgraded and used against the most powerful bosses in all levels.

Powerful DOOM: A-Tier Weapons

heavy cannon

This weapon is both accurate and deals high damage at medium and long ranges.

In addition to your typical assault rifle-style automatic shooting, you can fire individual missiles that stack up damage. This weapon might not be the best choice for later, but it will serve you well in the first half of the game.

BFG 9000

The infamous BFG is back Mighty DOOM!

This massive plasma cannon shoots out huge green energy bolts that take up a third of your screen. These are great for destroying groups of demons, but they’re also pretty slow. If you want to get the most out of this weapon, get as close to the enemies as possible and blast them.

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plasma rifle

If you want something more challenging than the BFG 9000, then a basic plasma rifle will do.

It quickly fires a series of blue projectiles that recharge easily and are much faster than the BFG projectiles, although they are also much smaller. Still, it’s a solid weapon for those players who like to control every shot and every kill.

Powerful DOOM: B-Tier Weapons

rocket launcher

  • Type: Shoulder launched weapon

Rocket Launcher is a BFG-like weapon capable of destroying hordes of demons with a single rocket.

The difference is that Rocket Launcher missiles deal ballistic damage and may not be as effective against demons that are immune to it. You can always use one of the secondary energy weapons instead to deal with these guys.

Gauss gun

Gauss Cannon is similar to Heavy Cannon, but with a lot less damage, and Plasma Rifle in terms of the type of ammo used in both.

You can still use it very well with certain upgrades that unlock after completing various stages, most notably Ricochet, where every shot really can count.

These are the best weapons Mighty DOOMand stay tuned for more Mighty DOOM Tips and Tricks article right here.

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