Mighty Doom Boss Guide: How to Beat All Bosses

There are nine chapters and 20 bosses Mighty Destiny. Due to the division of the chapters, most bosses will be encountered multiple times throughout the game – with the exception of the bosses found in Chapter 5: Nekravol, which you only fight once. This guide will show you how to beat them all.

Below we have compiled the general tips and strategies for defeating all bosses Mighty Destiny. We’ve broken down these battles by major region in their general order. Note that it is possible that you will fight these bosses in chapters other than those described below.

All powerful DOOM boss fights

Bosses of the Earth Chapter

  1. whiplash – Stand at the entrance to the arena without approaching Whiplash and shoot at them from afar. This boss’s projectiles move towards you in a wave and he has two attacks: a single projectile salvo and a triple projectile salvo. The key is dodging both, although you may have to squeeze through the gaps in the three-projectile version to avoid taking damage. Keeping your distance helps here.
  2. Blaster Soldier – This is the same boss as Shield Soldier (below) and also appears in other parts of the game. This boss has no shields guarding him. Blaster Soldier has two attacks: a salvo of about 10 straight projectiles and a wave of four explosions that spread out in a circle from its center. Dodge them.
  3. Cacodemon – First approach Cacodemon, but then go back to the starting position, using a strategy similar to Whiplash. This boss fires bullets in three-shot bursts, and each of the bullets will explode into two smaller bullets when they hit the wall, quickly turning one bullet into hell. Simply dodge through the bullets while dealing damage to win.
  4. leprechaun – Imp also shoots a volley of projectiles, but they tend to come in random numbers. Sometimes the boss shoots one or a few, sometimes a whole bunch. Approaching forward and retreating should be your strategy when dodging his projectiles. Once he stops firing, get all the way behind him and stab him for a glory kill.
  5. Hell Priest – Hell Priest is maybe the toughest boss so far. Stay away from the marked spots on the ground, as they deal damage for a short time after they appear. Get close to the boss and deal maximum damage with weapons like Combat Shotgun or Super Shotgun, but watch out for Hell Priest’s AoE attack where he shoots a ring of ice or fire out of his center. The attack starts at Hell Priest’s feet and moves outward, so look for Ice or Fire there and move away quickly.

Bosses of the Exultia Chapter

  1. Lost soul – This boss quickly shoots back and forth (wall to wall) through the arena. So be prepared to change your position as soon as he turns his head towards you. Lost Soul also spawns small Lost Souls that can damage your Mini Slayer and keep you from dealing optimal damage to the boss. Dodge Lost Souls’ attacks and focus your fire on the boss as much as possible to take him out.
  2. mecha zombie – In the first phase of Mecha Zombie you have to dodge his fast moving projectiles by simply moving left and right. These can easily melt your health if you get too close, so try to keep your distance here. Once he unleashes a flamethrower in the second phase, head back to the beginning of the arena and stay away from the wide, spinning arc.
  3. pinkie finger – This boss is the same as Lost Soul, so follow the similar strategy as before. Also, stay away from the markings on the ground as that’s where the meteors hit.
  4. resurrected – Revenant can fly through the arena to new locations with his jetpack, although the boss doesn’t deal damage when he hits the ground. Once Revenant is on the ground, he has a five missile volley attack that will have the missiles chasing you. It also has an attack that fires dozens of missiles in a circle around itself, which will also target you. You have to dodge through the missiles to avoid this one.
  5. baron of hell – Baron of Hell has multiple attacks. The first is a ground pound where it jumps in the air and lands in a red circle on the map. Just stay outside the circle to avoid damage. Baron’s second attack fires three spear-like projectiles at you at an interval; the first two are in quick succession while the third is slightly delayed. Dodge them to survive. The third attack is a melee attack where Baron will attack you while moving in one direction. Just side with the attack. A weapon with the bounce ability works well here.
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Bosses of the Order of Nekravol

  1. Hell Razer – Hell Razor has two attacks, both of which are laser related. First he hits you with a laser that dims, so wait for that and walk away. Second, remember the position of the laser web and stand right in between before the actual damage hits you in the second wave. He will repeat this process several times, so be prepared. Get as close to him as possible and deal damage with a heavy weapon like the hand cannon.
  2. zombie – This is a very slow boss where you have to dodge his Acid Belch and Swipe that goes in a wide arc. The three acid bombs also leave puddles of acid on the ground that deal damage over time. In addition, Zombie spawns smaller zombies that also leave acid puddles and deal damage. Shoot him from the corners of the arena at the top or bottom of the screen, knocking his minions off the sides and keeping the pools of acid off the center.
  3. Prowler – Prowler teleports and clones to the four corners of the arena, so follow his purple projectile and aim beforehand because that’s where he will spawn. Once he’s cloned himself, you’ll need to shoot all the targets to find the right Prowler – and cut down the purple projectiles flooding the screen.
  4. mancubus – The last boss of the chapter is similar to Mecha Zombie, but Mancubus has two attacks: a three-phase salvo of three projectiles each and a flamethrower attack. Try to weave your way between the projectiles – running can put you in a bad position. When Mancubus claps his hands together, he will perform a flamethrower attack in an arc in front of him.

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DOOM Hunter base chapter bosses

  1. Hellknight – This skeletal boss will constantly chase you around the arena, so it’s important to keep your distance from him by backing away and shooting at the same time. Its attacks include long-range slashes with its claws and leaping attacks that try to grab you. Keep moving to win.
  2. tentacle – Tentacle has two phases. The first phase consists of a single large tentacle emerging from the ground (similar to regular tentacle enemies’ attacks in the daily challenges), so dodge his ground punches, indicated by the gold bar on the ground. In the second phase, two more tentacles appear on its sides and try to cut off your route behind the boss.
  3. shield soldier – This boss is guarded by a ring of rotating shields that protect him from constant damage. It also shoots an arc of projectiles that have bounce. You can destroy the shields by shooting at them – but they can respawn – and be quick to dodge through the projectiles. A BFG-9000 works well here, as do perks or gear that improve dodge chance.
  4. gargoyle – This is the second flying boss in the game alongside the Revenant. Gargoyle’s strategy is similar, so you’ll need a weapon with missiles to hit him while he’s flying. This boss also spawns smaller gargoyles that you must kill as well – and they too will keep you from constantly damaging the boss. The large gargoyle throws several heavy acid bombs from above, and smaller gargoyles shoot acid projectiles while flying.
  5. hunter of destiny – The last boss of the chapter moves from left to right, shoots his rifle and has a lot of HP. It is not recommended to get too close to Doom Hunter as it will be more difficult to dodge his projectiles. Keep your distance and be patient until you completely deplete his health bar. Its attacks include plasma projectiles, fire projectiles, and homing missiles all coming at once.

Chapter Bosses of Hell on Earth

  1. Priest of Fire Hell – The final boss of the game is again similar to Hell Priest from the first chapter, but this time there are more marks that you have to avoid on the ground. He also has more HP. The strategy here of getting as close as possible and dealing shotgun damage remains the same. Note that the first wave of Hellfire will have smaller fire bombs, while the second wave will drop much larger and heavier ones from above.

These are all bosses Mighty Destinyand stay tuned for more Mighty Destiny Tips and Tricks article right here.

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