Mighty Doom: Tips to Beat Chapter 5 Nekravol

Nekravol is perhaps the most difficult chapter in Mighty Destiny. It’s a serious skill and stat check that makes everything that came before it seem like a no-brainer.

Although there isn’t really a way to provide a real Nekravol walkthrough because Mighty Destiny‘s RNG design, there are some tips I can share that might make getting through Chapter 5 easier. There are also suggested skills and boss tips at the end of the article.

Why is Nekravol so hard in Mighty Doom?

What makes Nekravol so difficult is the way its stages are built. In chapters 1-4 you enter a stage, fight demons, defeat them and move to the next stage in the chapter. Stages are single room sets with a single set of enemies. The Night Sentinel spawns every few levels to either give you a combat boost or heal. Things are a little different in Nekravol.

There are only 20 stages in Chapter 5, almost half the number in other chapters, but you will Face five waves of very difficult enemy combos in a single Nekravol stage.

Waves appear when you enter the center of the stage, and they can appear on top of each other if you don’t kill enemies fast enough. Check the rooms as you enter them before heading to the center to understand the trap and the layout of the room.

Also, Nekravol bosses are among the toughest yet. The thin silver lining is that the Night Sentinel spawns after every level, except for bosses.

As usual, if you have enough XP to level up, you won’t get any new skills until the end of each stage. However, due to the number of waves in each stage, you don’t have the opportunity to gain and stack as many skills and buffs as in other areas. Effectively, You play twice as many stages with half the upgrades.

Add RNG, and beating Nekravol is almost a matter of pure luck, skill, and a good dose of grinding.

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Powerful Doom Nekravol tips

Use a controller

This is good advice for everyone Mighty Destiny, but use a controller when playing Nekravol to make things easier. You can connect a DualShock 4, Xbox controller or one mobile gamepad like the Riot via Bluetooth.

Using a controller does the following:

  • Gives you much better control over the Mini Slayer
  • Allows you to switch weapons easily
  • Let’s see the full screen

Of course, Mighty DestinyThe touch controls are decent, but they’re not good enough for the amount of control you need to navigate the chaos of Nekravol. Plus, having your thumb taking up most of the screen makes a difficult chapter even harder.

Benefit from glory kills

Glory kills are more important in Nekravol than maybe anywhere else Mighty Destiny until here. Regardless of your playstyle or skill level, you’ll get hit, and the Night’s Warden’s heal won’t be enough to keep you going.

Don’t risk losing more health than you gain from a Glory Kill, instead make use of it every time a demon staggers.

It’s worth noting that you get some invincibility frame during a glory kill, which if timed correctly can save you from getting hit. Get perks like Glory kills angerthat increases attack speed and damage after a GK can be helpful. Explosive glory kill is another good one to get as it also deals damage to enemies near a GK, and bloodthirst gives more HP per glory kill.

Besides, if you can get those First impressions -Ability increase your chance to stagger enemies by a certain percentage based on the number of enemies currently alive in a stage. If you use a weapon that has that Advanced Stagger Perk, that might be worth it too.

Finally, the Glorious Healing Mastery also increases the HP you gain from Glory Kills, but it’s completely random to get and level up.

Use ultimate weapons outside of boss fights

Until Nekravol, I almost never used my ultimate weapons against normal enemies, saving them to take down bosses faster. But in Chapter 5, the sheer number of powerful enemies outside of boss fights means two things:

  • You will charge your ultimate weapons faster
  • You need to use your ultimate weapons more often to survive

Don’t be afraid to use them BFG to put some distance between you and Hellspawn or that chainsaw to cut through enemies and interrupt their attacks. It’s worth mentioning You become invulnerable when using Ultimate Weaponsso wait until you get overwhelmed to use them and free up some space.

Grind more levels and recycle gear

Mighty Destiny is a mobile game, which means there’s a lot of grinding and RNG built into the experience, even if you’re raising real money for gems and coins.

Before you take on Nekravol, you’ll probably need to be north of level 15 for your Mini-Slayer and north of level 10 for most of your weapons and gear. At these levels, I was able to consistently play through Nekravol about halfway through, but still struggled to beat it.

And for leveling you need resources like gems, coins and upgrade materials. One of the best ways to get more upgrade materials and currency is easy play entire chapters. At this point in the game, you should be able to fight your way through early levels with ease. Use too Daily EventsSome of which will get you into the mindset of playing Nekravol because of their setup.

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You can also recycle equipment to get resources. Recycling a weapon or piece of gear will return any coins and upgrade materials you put into it and reset the item to level 1. You can then upgrade another weapon or piece of gear that might be more useful in Nekravol. Recycling works on all weapon and gear rarities.

Best skills for Nekravol

Depending on the weapons and gear you have, as well as what you get from RNG, here are some perks and abilities to look out for while playing through Nekravol.

  • Attack Speed ​​Boost
  • bloodthirst
  • bouncing
  • damage boost
  • evasive thrust
  • Advanced Stagger
  • Explosive glory kill
  • Glory kills anger
  • arson
  • continuous fire
  • Spreadshot (but not on shotguns)
  • double shot

Outside of pure RNG, your success will also be determined by the gear you wear and the championships you’ve earned.

  • Use equipment that increases damage, sway and dodge chance.
  • Use ice elemental damage weapons/abilities to slow down enemies.
  • Pray for masteries that increase weapon damage and Slayer healing.

Nekravol boss tips

There are four bosses to fight in Nekravol:

  • Hell Razer (Tier 5)
  • Zombie (level 10)
  • Drifter (Level 15)
  • Mancubus (Level 20)

How to beat Hell Razer

Like the Hell Razer enemies you’ve already encountered in Nekravol, the boss will shoot a laser at you before activating it to deal damage.

When the laser fires for the first time, it doesn’t deal any damage – it follows you. Stand still for about a second and wait for the laser to dim. Get out of the way and the shot will miss.

Hell Razer will do this multiple times before pausing and either repeating the sequence or moving on to the next attack. It’s possible for Hell Razer to repeat this attack pattern, making the boss fight much easier.

Hell Razer’s second attack is a network of lasers that create a random pattern. When the mesh appears, move slightly to create gaps in the laser design near you, then stop. When the lasers disappear, quickly move to where those gaps were (which you’ve memorized) to avoid damage.

How to defeat zombies

The zombie boss moves slowly across the map and has two main attacks:

becomes zombie sweep in a wide arc If you get too close to him, you’ll deal melee physical damage.

Periodically, Zombie will also perform Acid Belch and shoot 3 acid bombs across the stage. Where they will hit is marked on the ground by green circles. These go sour pools on the map for a short time.

Eventually Zombie spawns several others smaller zombies which can also leave acid puddles and deal melee damage.

A good strategy is to direct the zombie boss to the corners of the arena and have his acid bombs drop either in the corners or at the top or bottom of the screen. This gives you the most mobility when trying to deal damage and dodge the invading smaller zombies.

How to defeat Prowler

The Prowler boss has two main attacks:

  • A salvo of three purple projects that spread like the acid shots of regular Blaster Soldier enemies.
  • A dash melee attack (which he rarely uses in my experience).

At the beginning of the boss fight, Prowler disappears and reappears as four different enemies in each corner of the stage. Each of the enemies shoot purple projectiles. The goal is to find out which Prowler is the real Prowler.

Quickly attack each Prowler in each of the corners and the fakes will explode instantly, leaving the real Prowler open to attack.

How to defeat Mancubus

Mancubus is the last boss of Nekravol Mighty Destiny. It’s big, takes up most of the arena, and has two attacks:

  • A salvo of three projectiles from each of his arm cannons (6 projectiles total).
  • Persistent, arcing flame belches from one – or both – of its arm cannons.

The hardest part of this boss fight is dodging it projectile salvos by Manucubs. He fires two salvos from each cannon, with the salvos overlapping. The projectiles are also relatively large. Keep your distance and try to weave between the projectiles.

Close the distance a little for the next attack. Manucubus telegraphs his flame burp Attack by slamming his arm cannons together before lowering them to spit flames in an arc in front of him. If you’re close enough, he’ll attack the area you were in and make you go to his back for light damage.

Rinse and repeat.

With enough patience and perseverance, you will be able to beat Nekravol Mighty Destiny. Also, there’s no guarantee that spending real money on crates will give you an edge in Chapter 5. Nekravol can be overcome with basic weapons and gear if you spend the time leveling them up.

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