Minecraft: How to Cure a Zombie Villager

Heal zombie villagers in Minecraft is quite possible, but how to do it is not entirely obvious. Was the nearby village attacked by zombies overnight while you were diving in the cave? Don’t worry, you can save them. Here’s how to heal zombie villagers Minecraft.

How to heal a zombie villager in Minecraft

The only way to bring an undead villager back to life is to give them a golden apple while they are weak. You don’t want it to go away or get destroyed, so you’ll have to move fast to find a way to keep it alive.

Protect the minecraft zombie villager

The best thing to do after a village is attacked is to look for additional mobs and get rid of them. It’s good to move fast here because the sun will eventually rise and kill all the zombies including the transformed villagers.

Try to lure the zombie villagers to a safe place. You can catch them in a house with a roof or in a ditch filled with water. Anything to protect them from roasting in the sunlight.

How to craft a Splash Potion of Weakness in Minecraft

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Getting a Splash Potion of Weakness is the hardest part of rescuing a villager. This is due to the materials needed to craft it. First you need a Potion of Weakness, which requires:

  • Fermented Spider Eye
  • bottle of water

Now you need to make a Splash Potion out of the potion you just made by adding Gunpowder. Add the Gunpowder on a Brewstand with your Potion of Weakness to create the Squirt Potion of Weakness.

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How to get a golden apple in Minecraft

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Now to bring them back to life you need a golden apple. These are rarely encountered, which is why we protected the villagers. You may be able to find them in leftover chests in dungeons and mine shafts.

If you don’t want to stray too far from the village to make sure the zombie villager doesn’t despawn, you can craft a golden apple if you have the materials. To craft a golden apple you will need the following:

  • Eight gold bars
  • normal apple

Place the apple in the center of the crafting table and fill the other spaces with the gold to make the golden apple.

Now that you’re prepared, go back to the zombie villager and hit him with the Splash Potion of Weakness first. Next, feed him the golden apple, which will make him tremble. After a few minutes, the zombification returns, leaving you with a normal villager.

With that, you have a healed zombie villager Minecraft. Check out our others Minecraft Leader for more help on the game.

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