Minecraft: How to Find and Use Copper

Finding and using copper in Minecraft is a fairly simple process as this is one of the most common materials in the game after Coal. It can be found in the earlier parts of caves and melted down for crafting or decoration. If you’re wondering what exactly it’s used for or where to get it, look no further than our guide.

How to find copper in Minecraft

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Copper can be found under any biome, but it’s more commonly found under sea level. As you traverse the caves, you will find Raw Copper Blocks that will produce Raw Copper Chunks.

Use a stone pickaxe to earn the raw copper. You can then take the raw copper to any furnace and melt it to form copper ingots.

On rare occasions, killing a Drowned can also give you a Copper Ingot. These odds are increased when you use a Sword or ax imbued with the Plunder enchantment.

What to use copper for in Minecraft?

Copper has some uses in Minecraft. After you melt it and get your copper ingots, use 9 to craft a copper block. Or better yet, you can craft a lighting staff to protect yourself and your land during thunderstorms using 3 Copper Ingots.

There are a few other items that can be crafted when using copper, like the Spyglass, which requires 2 Copper Ingots and an Amethyst.

Finally, we have the brush that can be used to “damage” a block. This can be used to add some artistic flair and give some blocks an aged, cracked look while searching for treasure. This is a newer addition to Minecraft this is part of Archaeological Update 1.20. To craft this you will need a Feather, a Copper Ingot, and a Stick.

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That’s all about copper and its uses for now Minecraft. As updates come, more options may appear. If you want more information Minecraft Visit our games page and keep checking back for more Minecraft Leader on GameSkinny.

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