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learn to fly Minecraft is a great thing to do when you can actually figure it out. With it, you can reach heights never seen before or, more importantly, escape crowds of mobs. Whatever you use to fly, you’ll need this guide to get your wings. Let’s get into that.

How to fly in Minecraft

There are two ways to fly in Minecraft. One is probably the easiest but the other is a lot more tiring but if you want achievements it might be worth it. Let’s explain.

Minecraft: Flying in creative mode

Flying creative is the easiest way to fly in Minecraft. All you have to do is go into your pause screen’s settings menu. Then change the settings on your Minecraft world and design it creatively.

After closing the menu, all you have to do is tap the spacebar twice to fly. When you’re in the air, you can double-tap W to fly forward faster. If you switch back to survival mode, you will no longer be able to fly unless you use the second method.

Minecraft: Survival mode flying

Flying in survival mode is a bit more complicated. That’s right, you could hack it into your world, or you can find the Elytra Wings!

The Elytra Wings are basically Minecraft’s wing gliders.

Elytra Wings can be found in End Ships guarded by Shulkers. You equip them by slotting them into the chestplate slot. After that, you can jump from high areas and hold the jump button to slide to the ground.

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The controls are similar to those of a hang glider. You can increase your speed while flying by leaning forward and then leaning up to increase altitude.

You can also increase altitude if you use fireworks in the air. This will shoot you up much like a fireworks trajectory.

Like any device in Minecraft You can add an enchantment to the Elytra wings. Adding the Mending enchantment to the wings can ensure they don’t break as it continuously siphons EXP to repair itself. Combine that with the Unbreaking enchantment and you’ll have those wings for eternity.

So you can fly around in both modes Minecraft. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks, check out our others Minecraft Leader. Or check out the seeds we also only have on GameSkinny.

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