Minecraft: How to Get Honeycomb

Honeycomb has a few uses in Minecraft, and you’ll want to get your hands on some for practical or decorative purposes. It takes a few steps to collect Honeycomb, not to mention the bees it takes. Let’s see how to get and farm Honeycomb Minecraft.

How to get Honeycomb in Minecraft?

Just like in real life, the only way to get Honeycomb is by finding some bees. Bees can be found in the meadows collecting pollen from flowers and returning to their hives. The bees are usually a docile mob until you interact with or meet the hive. So be ready to fight them if you take their honey.

To get their honey, you need Sheers. You also have to wait for the right moment to harvest the honeycomb. Wait for the hive to reach level 5. This is usually represented by honey pixels seeping out of the hive and even falling below it.

When the hive is ready, use the Sheers to interact with the hive and get three honeycombs.

If you are troubled by a swarm of bees, you can take a weapon with you Bane of Arthropod’s enchantment. The bonus gained from this enchantment works against bees.

How to farm honeycombs in Minecraft

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Now that we have explained how to get honeycombs, let’s talk about farming. After you get your first Honeycomb parts, you can use them to build a beehive. Bring the following components to a workbench to build a beehive:

  • 3 honeycomb
  • 6 wooden boards

You can place the hive anywhere and the bees will slowly get there. To make harvesting the honeycomb easier, make bonfires under the hives to keep the bees calm.

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That’s how you get Honeycomb in Minecraft. With this method, you can get tons of honey or just have a bee farm. Look for more advice in our Minecraft leads hub.

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