Minecraft Legends: Can You Despawn Your Army? Answered

Since the composition of your armies is so important Minecraft Legendsyou might be wondering if you can despawn your army to switch golem types. Because each golem has different strengths, weaknesses, and uses, different tasks require different units. Here’s what you need to know.

Can armies be removed or replaced in Minecraft Legends?

Currently there is no reliable way to manually despawn your army MC legends. It happened a couple of times that you unsubscribed MC legends and reporting distant armies back, but the method was unpredictable, and it’s unclear whether or not the despawning is related to a bug.

Not being able to replace armies manually can be impractical. Once you’ve spawned the maximum number of units, you can’t consistently swap one golem type for another.

Instead of this, The only best practice is to let your units die to replace them. You’ll need to use this technique strategically so you don’t get overwhelmed, and you’ll need to get rid of any Mossy Golem healers you may need to speed up the process.

The ability to increase the number of units in your army helps mitigate this issue somewhat, adding different golem types to kill piglins, destroy structures, or heal your spawned units. It’s not an ideal process, however, as it’s not always clear in advance what compositions you’ll need.

For now, that answers the question of whether you can despawn armies Minecraft Legends. As new methods become available or are added to Mojang’s action strategy game, we’ll update this guide with that information. Until then, you should consider going to ours MC legends leads hub for more tips and tricks.

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