Minecraft Legends: How to Switch Teams

While it’s fun to play PvP with friends, gather resources, and fight back Piglins, you might want to learn how to switch teams Minecraft Legends and play against your friends from time to time. In fact, raiding a friend’s base can be a whole different kind of fun! Luckily, changing teams is easy enough MC legends. Below we will go through the steps to do this.

How to switch teams in Minecraft Legends

First, there are a few restrictions on team switching that you need to be aware of.

  • You can only switch teams in Private Versus matches. This is because in public matches you will be placed on a team with fewer members to keep the matches as fair and balanced as possible.
  • The other limitation is this You can only switch teams before the game starts. After the game starts you have to stay in your team.

Otherwise switch teams MC legendsuse the appropriate input from the list below to switch to the other team.

  • PC: J
  • Xbox:J
  • PlayStation: triangle
  • Nintendo switch:X

Screenshot from Gameskiny

And with that, you change teams. Shuffling team compositions between games can keep games interesting rather than the same two teams fighting each other every round. we have more Minecraft Legends Leader available to find out about topics like how to use each type of golemwho can help build your army, or the all details about cooperative so you can play with your friends in the main campaign.

Featured image via Microsoft

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